Things You Don’t Know About Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is an effective way of relaxing tight and knotted muscles that may be causing you pain or making you uncomfortable. When done right, it will leave you relaxed, and it also reduces the risks of being injured.

However, like many other treatment options, you should have adequate information about it to decide what you need. Here are the things you need to know about deep massage before scheduling a physiotherapy session.

1. Pain Doesn’t Necessarily Equate To Effectiveness

A deep tissue massage focuses on the inner layers of your joints and muscles, so the first session is likely to be painful. However, your next visit should not be as painful, and the pain reduces as you attend more sessions. This is because your muscles relax, and thus you feel less pain as your treatment process progresses. If it is not your first session, but the pain has not reduced, there could be a bigger problem, and should you speak to your physiotherapist about it.

2. You Don’t Have To Get A Full Body Session

A physiotherapist will assess you and diagnose your problem and recommend the treatment process you should get. If they recommend a deep tissue massage, you won’t have to have a full body massage as they will only target areas that need pain relief.

3.  It Is Safe For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy comes with various challenges, and so it is advisable to seek help to manage them. Do not be afraid to try physiotherapy inSingapore because it is perfectly safe for you and your unborn child. The physiotherapist will help create an exercise plan that’s suitable for your condition, and thus you will have a safe pregnant journey and easier labor.

However, let your physiotherapist know if you notice any consistent pain or discomfort during any exercise. They will work with you until you find a plan that is suitable for you.

4. Feedback Is Crucial

It is a good idea to have expectations when scheduling a physiotherapy session. However, at times you may feel that your expectations or desires have not been met, and thus you may be disappointed or lose interest in physiotherapy.

Communicate with your physical therapist and let them know how you feel after the session. Be open with them to help them understand what you need to work together for satisfactory results. Your feedback will also help your physiotherapist customize various treatment methods to suit your needs.


A deep tissue massage may be the answer to an issue that has been disturbing you for years. However, you will not be sure unless you are ready to schedule a physiotherapy session and work with your therapist to solve your problem.

So do not wait until your injury or pain worsens to get a deep tissue massage and reduce the recovery time. Life is more enjoyable when you are pain-free. Don’t wait to seek help from professionals when suffering from pain or for fast recovery after an injury.