The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: What Will Happen to Commander Joseph Lawrence?

The most popular Hulu drama The Handmaid’s Tale is presently airing the ultimate instances of its season 4, while fans happen to be speaking in regards to a theory about Commander Frederick Lawrence (Bradley Whitford).

Recall that within the last instances of season 4, we view how June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) required the stand it court and detailed the abuse she endured like a servant at Gilead, while her users and founders viewed her.

However, in the last episode, June received shocking news the prosecution had dropped all charges against Fred. This made June cold, and that’s why Government Representative Mark Tuello (Mike Jaeger) told June:

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Which means that there’s an enormous group behind Fred who’s prepared to save him, and that’s why these were known as the Greatest Fish. And can Commander Lawrence be among them?

As Gilead’s chief architect, Commander Lawrence was responsible for the state’s economy. Actually, his wife Eleanor Lawrence (Julie Dretzin) also says after Gilead assumed power, Commander Lawrence was accountable for creating the Colonies.

Now, fans are presuming that for season 5 from the Handmaid’s Tale, we’ll possibly begin to see the in-depth story of Commander Lawrence and all sorts of bigwigs linked to Gilead’s interests.

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