Sifu Review Metacritic (Feb) Read The Specifications!

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What exactly is it about?

A clever yet gritty beat-em-up occur a contemporary urban setting, Sifu features intense hands-to-hands fighting along with a sleek yet gritty aesthetic. Sifu may be the latest game by Sloclap, the developer from the critically recognized PS4 fighting game Absolver.

The sport starts with a youthful kung fu scholar on the journey of vengeance because he searches for anyone who murdered his family. He’s a one-on-one fighter without any allies along with a slew of opponents. He would need to rely on his one-of-a-kind kung fu mastery to achieve success and his family’s legacy alive.

Sifu Review Metacritic- Specifications:

Go to the official website at https://world wide

Sloclap may be the game maker.

Action, 3D, and beat-’em-up are the genres covered.

The sport is going to be launched on eighth February 2022, at night time Eastern Standard Time.

Exactly what does the sport promo say?

Sifu may be the latest game from Sloclap, the animation studio that introduced you Absolver along with other titles. Because the player, you’ll seize control of the teenage Kung Fu student on the road of vengeance within this third-person adventure game featuring violent hands-to-hands combat. The sport is going to be released on PS at the begining of 2022. Sifu Review Metacritic- continue studying for additional!

Do you know the gamers saying concerning the Sifu Game?

A person named Noisy Pixel has mentioned that “SIFU is definitely an action game in which you must play. Despite their limitations, its role-playing game systems shouldn’t prevent anybody from getting into and going after this compelling revenge storyline.

Viewing a Bruce Lee film unfold while you control the choreography is easily the most realistic method to describe the entire experience. It’s as gratifying because it is insanely difficult. Still, he was getting a lot of fun beating assess whether he was 55 or twenty five years old in-bet on Sifu Review Metacritic, and that he would recommend it to everybody.”

Another user named IGN France mentioned that “Beat Them is really a phenomenally well-performed beat. All the game’s aspects have hints of Rogue-like and Metroidvania elements, which inspires players to accomplish cycles after cycles.”


The Sifu Game is potential released on eighth February 2022. The world gamers are excited through the game launch, and they’re eagerly waiting to participate a match to experience.

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