Ozzi Mozzie Reviews: Where Can I Acquire One?

Ozzi Mozzie Reviews

Dealing with mosquitoes can be an extreme nuisance – especially during the hotter months when they seem to come out and multiply. Are you frustrated by the fact that these annoying little critters are invading your home? Turning you and your family in to their personal feast? Don’t worry, because the Ozzi Mozzie Mosquito Zapper will solve the problem in real time.

Ozzi Mozzie is a small and user-friendly mosquito zapper built with a 100% natural and nontoxic way of attracting and killing a large variety of annoying flying pests that can annoy, or even cause harm to you or your loved ones.

From sandflies to midges and fruitflies as well as Mosquitoes, Ozzi Mozzie always got you covered.

What is Ozzi Mozzie? 

Ozzi Mozzie is a Mosquito Zapper with a smart design that is extremely effective in keeping disease-carrying mosquitoes away from your loved ones. Is the most high-tech Mosquito Zapper on the market today, counting with a long-lasting battery and easy-to-use interface, is noiseless, odorless, and mess-free.

It does so by combining UV lights, Co2, and heat to attract these pests, and then, an electric coil to zap them dead. All you need to do is turn it on, place it where you need mosquito protection, and enjoy your peace and tranquility

Who Is This for?

If you have any mosquito problems, Ozzi Mozzie is for you. If you frequently have to use bug sprays, mosquito coils and electric swatters, Ozzi Mozzie can help you get mosquito protection in a single click.

From parents trying to keep their families safe from painful mosquito bites, to people who love camping, to those who don’t feel like applying toxic bug repellents to their skin, Ozzi Mozzie is the compact, portable and rechargeable mosquito zapping solution.

What Are The Advantages Of Ozzi Mozzie?

Advanced Technology: Proprietary UV technology, the Ozzi Mozzie can attract more mosquitoes than any other device on the market while keeping your family, pets, and even plants from any dangerous toxin.

Versatile: From back porches to living rooms, to gardens and lakeside camping spots, Ozzi Mozzie keeps you, your family, and your friends protected from pesky mosquito bites.

Portable and Lightweight: Ozzi Mozzie is portable and light in weight. It is a device created to help you anywhere, from your garden to camping spots.

Simple to use: Just plug it in to recharge and press the button on the top of the device.

Hours of charge: Despite its amazing effectiveness at eradicating mosquitoes from large areas, it’s incredibly energy efficient and can run for up to 8-10 hours without being plugged in.

Positive user experience: Social Media, as well as reviews on their product pages, are overwhelmingly positive.


  • 6 High-power UV LED light (368nM wavelength)
  • 20 feet of coverage on a 360-degree radius
  • Battery that lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge
  • 60-Day guarantee with every purchase through the Ozzi Mozzie™ website
  • Includes a small brush to clean the device
  • Works in indoor and outdoor environments

What is Ozzi Mozzie Function?

Ozzi Mozzie, simply put, is a Mosquito Zapper with a cleaver design that performs exactly what it proposes: Eliminate nuisances caused by flies and buzzing mosquitos. It uses the exact frequency of UV (365nM) combined with Co2 and heat, to attract and kill them with extreme effectiveness.

All of that with just the click of one button.

How To Use Ozzi Mozzie Mosquito Zapper


Use the included micro USB cable to charge the Ozzi Mozzie until the LED indicator turn green.


Press the button on the top of the device.


Place the Ozzi Mozzie in the area you wish to use and leave it operating for at least 2 hours. 

What Customers Have To Say About Ozzi Mozzie?

After looking into the product online We found a number of reviews online. Users are pleased with the device. They have written a variety of favorable reviews.

Samantha says the device is simple to use and assists in dealing with annoyances efficiently.

Anna stated that she purchased Ozzi Mozzie to take it to a summer camp because her skin is super sensitive to mosquito bites, and she wasn’t bitten during all of it.

Gerald told me that Ozzi Mozzie is the best tool to protect his grandkids from the mozzies because he lives on a farm and getting rid of them is almost impossible.

Where Can I Purchase Ozzi Mozzie? 

Right now, the only way of acquiring the Ozzi Mozzie is through the official website. Anyone interested in purchasing the device can check it out by clicking right here. 

But act quickly, Ozzi Mozzie already sold out 2 times. It’s a matter of time before the stock is cleaned again.

Every unit has a 100% results or refund guarantee, so you’ll get your money back if the device doesn’t work for you. 


What is Ozzi Mozzie?

The Ozzi Mozzie is a powerful and portable Mosquito Zapper. It is perfect for mosquitoes, flies, and gnats.

Does Ozzi Mozzie ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We offer International Shipping with tracking.

How does it work?

The secret is the patented “flash-beam” technology. Unlike other mosquito devices, it emits the exact frequency of UV (365nM), as well as Co2 and heat which attracts mosquitoes towards the lamp and away from you and your family. The electric coil then zaps the mosquitoes dead.

How wide is the coverage?

The Ozzi Mozzie has up to 15-20 feet of coverage on a 360-degree radius, which means you don’t need to be close to the device for it to have an effect.

How long does a charge last?

A 60-minute charge will last up to 8-10 hours giving you protection all night long.

Is it safe for children and pets?

Yes – it’s incredibly safe. There is a layer of protection around the device making it completely “shockproof” and protective for children and pets. It’s chemical free making it the safer alternative to sprays & repellents.

Does it work on midges, fruit flies and sandflies?

The device works on a variety of phototaxic insects (attracted to light). This includes mosquitoes, gnats, moths, flies and also sandflies, midges, and fruit flies as well.

How do you clean the device?

Each device comes with its own handy brush to get in and clean after use ensuring it is effective all summer long.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes – each device comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied, simply email support@ozzimozzie.com.au for a full refund. 


Ozzi Mozzie comes supercharged with numerous amazing features that make it the best option for different households and business places. It will save you from many mosquito bites in every single situation.

It’s easy to use and requires few to no installation or setup requirements (just a place to charge and stay). There are many satisfied customers as can be seen from many positive reviews.