Outlander Season 6: Young Ian’s Future and Death Has Been Sealed by Jamie

Youthful Ian (John Bell) came back to Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander season five after joining the Mohawk tribe in season four. He wasn’t themself and appeared withdrawn because he battled with personal problems. Now several fans think that Starz has hinted in a tragic finish for youthful Ian once the series returns.

In the finish from the final episode of Outlander season five, Jamie Fraser (Mike Heughan) was seen studying a monologue that with a fans spells the potential fate of youthful Ian.

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It is because in an element of the monologue it states that recognition and courage are matters from the marrow, as well as for exactly what a man will kill, sometimes he’ll also die And merely then your camera shows youthful Ian.

Other fans were quick to reply to the idea, explaining they believe that it is much more of a harbinger from the effects the bitterness of her relationship with Brother Brown might have later on.

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Regrettably, fans from the Starz series will need to hold back until the coming year to discover exactly what the future holds specifically for youthful Ian and whether he may die.

The sixth season of Outlander has finished filming and can go back to television screens in 2022, only one character won’t return, this character is Governor Tryon (Tim Downie), as lately confirmed through the actor who plays him.