Is the Pain in My Tailbone Cancer?

Is the Pain in My Tailbone Cancer

Details about cancer

Cancer is an accumulation of related illnesses characterised by abnormal cells growing unmanageable, crowding out normal cells, and distributing with other tissues.

  • Some cancers grow and spread rapidly, while some grow gradually.
  • Different cancers respond differently to treatment.
  • Cancer can begin anywhere in your body.
  • Many cancers form a lump or growth known as a tumor.
  • Common treating cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

While your tailbone discomfort doesn’t always mean you’ve cancer, you will find types of cancer that may modify the tailbone.

Tailbone cancer

There are a variety of cancers that exist in the tailbone – also known as the coccyx – that is a bony triangular structure located at the end from the spine underneath the sacrum. Tailbone cancer might be cancer that’s spread from cancer elsewhere within your body, just like your lung area.


Chordoma is really a rare kind of cancerous tumor that may occur around the spine. Based on the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, among the places chordoma frequently occurs may be the tailbone.

  • Chordoma signs and symptoms
  • discomfort
  • weakness
  • numbness
  • tingling in arms and legs
  • bladder problems
  • Chordoma treatment

Standard radiation and chemotherapy aren’t typically effective, so surgery is often the preferred treatment option. Surgery on the tailbone chordoma might be difficult because it’s so near to the spinal-cord.

When taking out the chordoma, choices should also remove a few of the normal tissue surrounding it. Sometimes, if important structures are not far from the tumor, this surgery may have negative effects, for example:

  • lack of pelvic bone stability
  • leg weakness
  • bowel or urinary control issues
  • lack of sensation in the groin
  • Vertebral tumor

Based on the Mayo Clinic, most cancerous vertebral tumors are metastatic, meaning they spread from cancer elsewhere in your body. Although any kind of cancer can spread towards the spine, probably the most likely are:

  • cancer of the lung
  • cancer of the breast
  • kidney cancer
  • cancer of the prostate

The signs and symptoms of the vertebral tumor around the tailbone are essentially just like for chordoma.

Cancer of the colon

Many people with cancer of the colon feel discomfort within their tailbone. Other signs and symptoms include:

  • rectal bleeding
  • abdominal discomfort
  • constipation or diarrhea that lasts in excess of 4 days
  • fatigue
  • Other reasons for tailbone discomfort

Tailbone area discomfort may also be caused by conditions unrelated to cancer, for example:

  • benign tumors, like a tailgut cyst
  • bruise, dislocation, or break from trauma
  • proctitis
  • prolonged located on a narrow or hard surface
  • rectal fissure
  • loosening of ligaments round the coccyx within the last trimester of being pregnant
  • degenerative joint changes
  • vaginal giving birth


Persistent tailbone discomfort might be associated with some types of cancer. This may also originate from cancer elsewhere within your body, just like your lung area. However, tailbone discomfort may frequently possess a benign, less concerning origin.

In either case, visit your physician if you are concerned or you have intense or persistent discomfort. Many the weather is best treated when caught early.