Hero Connect App for Hero Customers How it Works, Steps to Use

According To- Hero Connect App for Hero Customers – How it Works, Steps to Use , As we know that we are living in that period of life, where innovation and technology are growing rapidly for human development, so that it can make their life more comfortable and very easy. Today people are using various latest methods and tools for making their life the best as possible. Nowadays people become more and more aware of the value of their lives. For benefiting the people the most, there is a company in the market who has recently launched an online portal or an app or we can say an application in the market whose name is Hero Connect which automatically sends notifications and SMS to emergency contacts of that person who has suffered from the accident. Don’t you think that it is a great feature?

Hero Connect App

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We will discuss several features of Hero Connect in detail.

Hero Connect: Some Detailed Information

So Hero Connect is an app or online portal that was introduced by company name Hero MotorCorp at a budget-friendly cost of rupees 4,999. It is the first motorcycle company that is providing the facility of connectivity to mobile phones to its customers. This portal helps in providing highly advanced technology to the two-wheelers by connecting to your mobile phone and providing safety, convenience, security, and a smart bike riding experience. If the vehicle suffers from an accident or through some negative situation then these apps automatically send notifications, SMS, and messages to the emergency contacts of the person who is the owner of that vehicle so that quick and favorable actions can take place. Hero Connect app provides so many features for its users or customers such as a live tracking facility, speed alert, topple alert, geo-fence alert, and offers several other features they can view different information about their tour and trip with that vehicle like their starting point to end point, about speeding, location, time taken, total distance covered and so on.

Hero Connect Features

Hero Connect provides its customers with so many features so that they can enjoy their lives with some security and safety. Below are some of the features of Hero Connect.

The app provides users with live tracking facilities, such as knowing the exact location, their speed, the time taken, and the route taken.

When this app detects unauthorized movement, it sends notifications and SMS to the emergency contract numbers.

Whenever an accident occurs, this app automatically sends SMS and notifications to the registered emergency contracts.

Additionally, the program provides trip analysis and various detailed information, such as the distance traveled during the trip and the routes taken within the last six months.

For a price of Rs. 4,999, it also provides various other features, such as knowing your starting and ending points.

What is the Hero Connect login process?

Logging in to Hero Connect is a simple process that involves only a few steps:

After visiting their page or app, you will need to fill in your username and password. After putting your username and password in, you will be able to log in to your Hero Connect account. Read Also-Hero Connect App for Hero Customers

Hero Connect Password Reset

  • 1. Firstly, you need to open their app and if you don’t have their app available, you can directly open their page by searching Hero Connect and visiting the link https://connect.heromotocorp.biz/edealer_enu on your mobile phone.
    2. Now after opening their page, you will see a forgot password option at the leftmost side below in purple color. You need to click on that.
    3. After filling in some information like your username of the Hero Connect portal and the last 4 digits of your mobile phone, you need to click on submit button which will be shown on the right-most side at the end in blue color. You need to click on that.
    4. Now they will do some processing and then will send you some OTP on your email address or on your mobile phone number.
    5. After filling in that OTP, you will be able to easily reset your password.

Hero Connect is a great app or portal that was launched by Hero MotoCorp to make their customers’ safety and security increase by riding on two-wheelers. This app provides features like sending SMS and notifications to the customer’s emergency contracts, so that quick actions can be taken. By using this app, we can also see our speed, time taken, starting point to end point, our 6 months’ travel history, and more. I hope this article is very useful for you all and after reading it, your all questions will be clarified. You can also give your own suggestions about this ad if anyone has any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Hero Connect: What is its purpose?
  • As the Hero Connect app offers many features to its customers and users, it can be used in so many ways. For example, it can send notifications and SMS to emergency contracts about any accidents in the vehicle and provide other information, such as speed, time, distance, etc., about the trips it took over the last six months.
  • Can you tell me if this app or portal is useful?
  • Yes, this wonderful app is very useful as it provides a better and smarter experience to bike riders with some security in their life as they are connected to their smartphone and any incident with the vehicle will automatically send a notification and SMS to the emergency contacts of that bike rider.Hero Connect App for Hero Customers