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Senior Chick acts the most impressive deeply fried chicken. If you’re giving them a visit, make sure you know their latest menu which I am going to share in this post.

Senior Chick is acknowledged for fretting hand-battered chicken breast tenders. Their list is made up ofdrinks and salad, through part, household foods, individual combos, juniorextras and combos, element equipment and young child dishes. These people have a budget allowed-favorable menus plus a great family unit dinner charges $25 there.

This is a review of their menus and that i hope you will have a good grasp regarding their food selection. The total changed list is stated beneath. Independent of the list, Also i incorporate some other handy facts for including franchising points, details and food break down in the goods offer for their navigation. Let’s have a quick look at their history, bur before jumping to the menu.

Fantastic Chick is definitely a extremely fast-laid-back dining that has been formed in 1967 as Glowing Fried Fowl. The initial retailer of Great Fried Chicken (now known as Gold Chick) was launched in San Marcos, The state of texas. In 1985, Great Fried Poultry switched its brand name to Golden Chick.

Great Chick List Fees

Fantastic Chick is famous for fried chicken. So, when you visit their outlet, you should definitely give it a try. If you’re browsing with the family, you can purchase in their portion of loved ones servings along the lines of 16 Golden Tenders Dish, 15 Products Combined Chicken breast with 3 Sides Lunch, 24 Wicked Wings Combination and more.

For all of us who are stopping by solely, you can look at out their specific combos which include gold tenders combo, the southern part of fried catfish combination, wonderful roast combo and a lot more. They have another food selection for teenagers that also includes children 2 tenders meal and kids 1 fowl upper leg meals.

If you desire to have an item healthful, you can think about out their salads for instance chicken greens, tender greens, patio salad and element greens or ends which include green legumes, mashed carrots, coleslaw and much more.

The Fantastic Chick list costs are akin to other chicken-covering dinning establishments as you can find a food for only $9. So without further waiting, let’s check out the latest Golden Chick menu prices.


Drinks Small 20 oz. Medium 32 oz. Large 44 oz.
Soda $1.99 $2.19 $2.49
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea $1.99 $2.19 $2.49
Raspberry Lemonade $1.99 $2.19 $2.49


Gallon-o-Tea $4.19


Tender Salad $6.79
Chicken Salad $6.89
Garden Salad $4.99
Side Salad $2.19

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By the Piece

Tender $1.49
Catfish $2.99
Yeast Roll $0.89
Chicken Breast $2.49
Chicken $1.89
Breast Substitution $0.99
Country Gravy
Country Gravy
Additional Sauces $0.49

Family Meals

16 Golden Tenders Meal $22.99
16 Golden Tenders with 2 Sides Meal $26.99
25 Golden Tenders Meal $27.99
25 Golden Tenders with 3 Sides Meal $35.99
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $16.49
8 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 2 Sides Meal $22.99
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $24.99
15 Pieces Mixed Chicken with 3 Sides Meal $33.99
10 Pieces Legs and Thighs $12.99
The Mixer Meal $40.99
24 Wicked Wings $20.99
24 Wicked Wings Combo $22.99

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Individual Combos

Individual Combos 4 Tenders 6 Tenders
Golden Tenders Combo $7.99 $9.49
Golden Fried Chicken Combo $7.99 $8.99


Individual Combos 3 Pieces 5 Pieces
Southern Fried Catfish Combo $9.29 $12.89


Individual Combos 2 Pieces 3 Pieces
Golden Roast Combo $7.99 $8.99


6 Wicked Wings Combo $8.99
9 Wicked Wings Combo $10.99

Junior Combos

Tender Junior Combo $5.29
Catfish Junior Combo $7.49
Chicken Junior Combo $5.69

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Yeast Roll
[1/2 Dozen]
Yeast Roll
Corn Nuggets
[8 Pieces]
Corn Nuggets
[16 Pieces]
Jalapeno Poppers
[4 Pieces]
Jalapeno Poppers
[8 Pieces]
Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad
Chocolate Chip Cookies
[1 Piece]
Chocolate Chip Cookies
[3 Pieces]
[1 Piece]
[5 Pieces]
9 Wicked Wings $8.99
6 Wicked Wings $6.99

Side Items

Sides Small Family
Green Beans $2.19 $4.19
Mac and Cheese $2.19 $4.19
Mashed Potatoes $2.19 $4.19
Coleslaw $2.19 $4.19
Dirty Rice $2.19 $4.19
Salad $2.19 $4.19
Battered Fries $2.19 $4.19

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Kids Meal

Kids 2 Tenders Meal $5.29
Kids 1 Chicken Leg Meal $5.29