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Cherry Berry (also called CherryBerry) features in excess of 50 prime fat and healthy-cost-free flavours together with 50 plus toppings. The earliest Cherry Berry store was established by Dallas Williams (give CEO) during 2010. And now, the brand has throughout 100 retail stores in the us.

Cherry Berry serves milk products like low fat yogurt, delicious cookie dough and offers the decision to then add added toppings. The most famous fat free yogurt from the parlor is dessert mixture which fees around $5.00.

You must be a yogurt fan and want to visit Cherry Berry as fast as you can if you’ve come to this article. This article will offer you your whole Cherry Berry food selection with fees.

In addition to the food selection, you will also find some material on the document. However, let us look into the Cherry Berry Menus.

Cherry Berry List Price ranges

The brand has specialized in natural yoghurts with 50 payment fat and healthy-free types along with 50 plus toppings. You must have noticed that instead of paying per flavor, you have to pay per ounce, if you’ve ever visited Cherry Berry. The amount is generally 45 cents per oz.

Despite the advantage that there are far more than 50 types in your Cherry Berry food selection, they happen to be classed as into featured tastes, no-overweight variants, affordable-weight variants, no sugars listed flavours, dairy-free of charge variants, and ancient greek flavours.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the Cherry Berry menu with prices.


Classic Chocolate $4.99
Salted Caramel Pretzel $4.99
Cake Batter $4.99
Cookies and Cream $4.99
Very Strawberry $4.99
Country Vanilla $4.99

Edible Cookies Dough

Birthday Cake Edible Cookie Dough $8.99
Monster Edible Cookie Dough $8.99
Cookies and Cream Edible Cookie Dough $8.99
Chocolate Chunk Edible Cookie Dough $8.99

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Extra Toppings

Brownie Bites $1.25
Butterfinger Crushed $1.25
Caramel Cups $1.25
Caramel Cups $1.25
Caramel Syrup $1.25
Cherries $1.25
Cherry Berry Sprinkles $1.25
Chocolate Chips $1.25
Chocolate Sauce $1.25
Chocolate Syrup $1.25
Cookie Dough $1.25
Crushed Oreos $1.25
Gummy Bears $1.25
Mini M&M’s $1.25
Pineapple Fruit $1.25
Reese’s Crushed $1.25
Strawberry Fruit $1.25