How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon . com Prime offers people lots of benefits for $119 annually, like free two-day shipping along with a well-stocked video library.

However, should you not seem like you’re getting much value in the service, and you need to cancel your Amazon . com Prime membership, then all you need to do is follow these easy steps, and you will be free within minutes.

So, without further ado, here’s the best way to cancel your Amazon . com Prime Membership.

How you can Cancel Your Amazon . com Prime Membership

This how-to steer and figures pointed out below happen to be compiled from various sources online, for example Amazon . com & Wikipedia.

Here’s how you can cancel your Amazon . com Prime Membership:

What’s Amazon . com Prime?

Amazon . com Prime is really a compensated subscription service from Amazon . com that gives users with a lot more benefits in comparison with standard Amazon . com accounts.

Prime benefits include premium limitless totally free, usually within one-or-2 days, video and music streaming, limitless photo storage through Amazon . com Photos, along with a rotating library of free Kindle e-books, magazines, and comics.

Membership costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year during the time of writing, and Amazon . com offers new users a totally free 30-day trial.

For a lot of, the need for an excellent membership outweighs the price. However, if you think you aren’t getting the most from your membership, then here’s the best way to cancel Amazon . com Prime.

Canceling Your Amazon . com Prime Membership

To cancel your Amazon . com Prime membership, follow these five easy steps:

1. Sign Into Amazon . com

Mind to Amazon’s website and sign in for your requirements together with your password.

Hover within the “Accounts & Lists” drop-lower menu within the upper right-hands side of the screen and click on “Sign In.”

2. Locate Your Prime Membership

Once you’ve acquired access for your requirements, hover over “Accounts & Lists” and choose “Your Prime Membership.”

Or, if you like, you are able to click “Accounts & Lists” after which select “Prime,” which will give you for your “Benefits & Payments” settings.

3. Click Finish Membership & Benefits

Around the left-hands side from the screen, you will see “End Membership & Benefits,” located underneath the “Membership Management” section.

Follow the link, and you’ll automatically get to the ultimate cancelation page, where canceling your Amazon . com Prime membership will start.

4. Click Finish My Benefits

Amazon . com doesn’t need to see you decide to go, so you will be motivated with a new page which will inquire if you are sure you need to leave.

If you are not 100% sure that you would like to cancel yet, Amazon . com provides a indication feature that reminds you 72 hours before your membership renews, while enabling you to continue using all of your Prime benefits meanwhile, providing you with more time to make your choice.

However, if you are adamant that you simply still wish to cancel your Amazon . com Prime account, then click “End My Benefits” and then the ultimate stage.

5. Still Cancel

Inside a last-ditch effort to maintain your business, Amazon . com will request you to change to a regular monthly plan if you were having to pay yearly.

If it is not for you personally, then click on the “Continue to Cancel” button, as well as your Amazon . com Prime membership will discontinue in the finish from the period you’ve compensated for. Exactly the same applies should you be having to pay monthly.

And that’s that. Your Amazon . com Prime membership continues to be canceled.

How you can Cancel Amazon . com Prime Trial

If you choose that Amazon . com Primes’ not for you personally, here’s what you ought to do in order to cancel your free trial offer.

The trial auto-renews right into a full prime membership after thirty days, so make certain to create a indication to cancel it inside the thirty day free trial.

“At the finish of the free trial offer period, you will be instantly transformed into a compensated annual membership” – Amazon . com

To cancel your Amazon . com Prime trial, sign in for your Amazon . com account, and navigate the right path to “Manage Your Prime Membership.”

After that, around the left-hands side from the page, click on the “Cancel Free Trial” link if you want to cancel it now and prevent receiving all of the benefits.

Alternatively, you may choose “Do not Continue,” and you’ll still get access to all the advantages of Prime before the finish of the free trial offer. When your free trial offer ends, your membership will cancel, as well as your card won’t be billed.

“You continuously enjoy your Amazon . com Prime benefits until your 30-day free trial offer period has ended. Your registration will be instantly cancelled as well as your payment method won’t be debited.” – Amazon . com

Can One get another free trial offer of Amazon . com Prime?

That will depend on whenever your last free trial offer was, however the short response is Yes!

Amazon . com clients are only qualified for just one free trial offer of Amazon . com Prime every 12 several weeks.

So, should you decide you need to proceed having a Prime membership, but you’ve already canceled your free trial offer, then you’ll need to start having a compensated membership to gain access to the advantages of Prime.

However, if it is been at least a year after the first free trial offer, then you can join another 30-day free trial offer using your existing Amazon . com account.

You’ll most likely notice some free trial offer ads in your account homepage along with a marketing email or more if you’ve subscribed to Amazons email notifications.

Am I Going To obtain a refund of my membership fee?

Should you cancel your membership within 72 hours of registering, or within 72 hours of converting from the free trial offer to some compensated membership, then you will probably get a 100 % refund of the membership fee.

However, if at any time inside the three working day period, you used the Prime benefits, Amazon . com charges you the need for the best benefits used.

Amazon . com will give you a complete or partial refund of the membership fee with respect to the benefits used:

So, should you haven’t used the benefits as your card was billed, then you need to be qualified for any 100 % refund.

For instance, in case your membership restored in the finish of June and also you realize in mid-This summer that you would like to cancel your membership, then you’re titled to some 100 % refund unless of course you’d used any Prime services or placed an excellent order.

Tips to get a Prime membership at a lower price

If you are reluctant to pay for $119 annually for full membership, then here’s a few methods for you to still obtain access to a few of the advantages of Prime, at a small fraction of the price.

The very first strategy is for anybody that loves to make many of their purchases at certain occasions of the season. If that’s you, then join an Amazon . com Prime free trial offer, or begin a monthly subscription, stock up on all of your purchases all at once, and cancel the membership after you’ve completed the transaction.

It requires some planning, but when done correctly, you may gain advantage for free shipping, within one-or-2 days, bulk discounts, and you’ll just make individuals purchases a couple of times annually based on your schedule.

Just keep in mind that should you not cancel your membership and then leave the payment per month going, it’ll finish up squandering your more across annually, $155.88 to become exact, than should you have purchased a yearly membership.

If you are not the kind of person that utilizes Amazon . com a great deal for shopping, but you’d still prefer to use their streaming services, you’ll be able to buy a Prime Video membership for $8.99, helping you save quite a bit more than a year in comparison to the standard $12.99 membership fee.


Hopefully our how-to cancel your Amazon . com Prime membership guide was useful!

Amazon . com Prime is unquestionably a great service, there isn’t any question about this, but it isn’t what you’d call an important service.

Everything comes lower to just how much value it gives your existence as compared to the cost.

For all of us, everyone has active Amazon . com Prime accounts, and so i don’t think any one of we is going to be after this guide in the near future!

Here’s a fast recap of methods to cancel your Amazon . com Prime membership:

  1. Sign into Amazon . com Prime
  2. Locate Your Prime Membership
  3. Click Finish Membership & Benefits
  4. Click Finish My Benefits
  5. Still Cancel