Attention Pet Owners: Enzyme Cleaners are the Way of the Future

Many pet owners spend their lives looking for a good cleaning product – one that not only cleans pet urine and other stains but also stops their furry friends from using the same spots around the home as a toilet. Well, the search could be over with the expansion of enzyme cleaners in the market.

What are Enzyme Cleaners?

To clear up any confusion before continuing, enzyme cleaners utilise enzymes in their formulas to break down stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces. As a pet owner, it’s not as simple as changing your flooring to hardwood or other easy-to-clean surfaces (as many online articles and guides recommend). You might not have the funds, or you may not want to lose your luxurious carpet. If this is the case, you need an enzyme cleaner in the cupboard.

Whether on your curtains, upholstery, sofas, or carpet, the chemical reaction breaks down the stain and prolongs the life of your carpet. For those who frequently walk into a room and see that their fluffy friend has left a present, this is a valuable tool.

Benefits of Enzyme Cleaners

Clean Home

First and foremost, none of the other benefits of a cleaning product matter if it can’t carry out its sole function. Fortunately, enzyme cleaners are just as effective (if not more so) than traditional cleaners. Enzyme cleaners contain microbes that can convert soiling and other substances into water and carbon dioxide.

When applied, the chemical reaction occurs and breaks down stains that would leave you scrubbing away with your old cleaning product. Using non-pathogenic microbes, you can remove the pathogenic microbes that are not only an eyesore in the home but can also cause disease to others inside the property.

Prevented Habits

Another reason why enzyme cleaners are the way of the future for pet owners is that they destroy odours as well as stains. As a pet owner, this is huge news because it means that you can put a stop to habits before they have a chance to develop. Without a good cleaner, pets still smell their odour in places that they have used as a toilet. Lo and behold, they’re soon leaving another present in this same spot. With an enzyme cleaner, the stain and the odour are removed, and your pets are unlikely to return to the same spot.

Deeper Cleaning

Just in case you’re not persuaded by the first two reasons to get an enzyme cleaner for your home, you should also know that products like those from PetLab also go deeper into cracks and crevices than many other products. The microbes inside these cleaners can get deeper into surfaces and this leaves them cleaner compared to using other products.

Greener Solution

Those who like to make responsible decisions for the environment (well done!) will also appreciate that enzyme cleaners are considered a greener solution than most others. As a biological cleaner, they take advantage of natural processes rather than loading the product up with harmful chemicals. Suddenly, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals around the home because enzyme cleaners can handle pet stains.

Longer Cleaning

Lastly, you might be swayed by the fact that biological cleaners like enzymatic solutions tend to keep doing their job for many hours after the first application. Rather than only cleaning parts of stains, the product will keep working until all the odour and soiling have been removed.

Consider getting an enzyme cleaner for your cupboard and you won’t regret it!