Are all casinos regulated through the UKGC?

If you were one of the first punters to dine at the online gambling table, then you would probably remember an entirely different world to the one gamblers inhabit today. During the infancy of online gambling, there were no strict rules and regulations that any gambling brand had to adhere to, and many made the most of this lawless arena at the expense of punters.

If you won large sums of money back then, you were not guaranteed to receive your winnings, even if you won the cash fair and square. This is because rogue traders would try anything to prevent paying punters what was rightly theirs. With this being a regular occurrence, it was only a matter of time before someone stepped in to give punters the voice they deserved – visit Cozino.

The UK Gambling Commission: A Closer Look

In September 2007, the UK Gambling Commission began to operate in the United Kingdom and its purpose was to protect punters and clean up the gambling industry. All forms of gambling in the UK would eventually be licensed and regulated by this commission.

Despite this organization being far from perfect, it has swung the balance in favour of UK punters by giving them more rights and options to try should they have a dispute with a certain casino brand. This is because every online casino that wants to operate legally in the UK, has to be licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It is not just a matter of the gambling brand in question paying a fee. They also have to meet certain criteria and standards before they can be granted a license.

Some of The Rules That Must Be Met

If an online casino brand wants to operate in the UK, then it has to allow other independent organizations to test the games that are offered, such as slots, before release and after any updates are made. Remote operators have to also monitor their products for fairness and pay outs. Slots have to operate within their advertised RTP score, and each spin has to be random and not fixed in any way. Only regular internal and external surveillance can prove that these games are truly random. If there are customer complaints about certain games and the way they are performing, then the casino should have evidence and records kept that can be checked to verify that their games have been performing how they should.

Other Duties

It is not just game performance that comes under scrutiny from the UK Gambling Commission, they also look at gambling in general and the effects the current gambling environment is having on punters. If anything of concern is highlighted, then the Commission can step in with new initiatives to remedy any problematic situations. Whatever new laws are introduced, all online casinos must implement them if they want to continue to be allowed to operate in the United Kingdom with a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission.