Amazon Bonus Credit Text What are customer reactions?

People love prizes and online shopping loans. Amazon Bonus Credit Text creates buzz among online buyers, and everyone in the United States wants to know if it is a legal or more fraud.

Online cheaters know that people like to win prizes and receive free loans for online shipment on In this way, they send fraud and false text messages in the affirmative to offer 100 USD and $ 150 a bonus loan for Amazon Shopping.

Recipients must click on the given link and share details to win a bonus loan, and this is the place where real fraud begins. Browse more information about this.

What is Amazon Bonus Credit Text?

Amazon Bonus Credit Message or text is a new SCAM message that online buyers in the United States receive on their mobile phones. A text message of a claim to offer up to $ 150 bonus loan on online shopping on

However, a text message is not from the Amazon server or the Amazon authorities. This is a text message from online cheats who send such messages to steal the data of the cards and personal data of people.

They send text with a suspicious link that the recipients must click to share their personal data and cards to win prizes or bonus credit. So fraud steals personal data from innocent buyers and sells them to third parties for money.

There is no confirmation for such Amazon Bonus Credit Text from the company and it can be fraud.

What to do to prevent such verbal texts?

There are different ways to prevent and remain protected from such messages with fraud. You must be alert and alert with such casual messages.

• The general principle is that you can not believe in accidental messages and follow steps as mentioned. Before sharing details, verify it with the company.

• You must know how to identify text fraud. Random messages are always equipped with a unique link and claims that they offer prizes and bonus loans. But you must verify it online before clicking the link.

• You must opt ​​for “do not disturb” services, where you will not receive such random messages Amazon Bonus Credit Text from cheaters.

• Recipients can also report messages about cheating at BBB Scam Tracker online.

• If you clicked a link and have shared the card data, call the bank and immediately lock the card to remain protected.

What are customer reactions?

We have found online video reviews that have been recently been published. The video overview confirms that this is text messages for fraud cheaters to avoid.

Many people in the video comment section shared their views and said they receive such messages and want to know his ID card. The recording material explains that this is the text of fraud and should be avoided.


Amazon Bonus Credit Text is a message about cheating from some online cheats and can not be trusted. In addition, there is no confirmation from Amazon to such offers, offers and bonus loans. So people have to avoid such random news and alerts.

Did you receive such accidental SCAM messages? Share the views in the Comments section.