5 Tools to Streamline Your Workflow in Your Computer!

People and processes are an integral part of productivity. Being productive has a lot to do with setting timed priorities. Unfortunately, you may have set the right priorities but because of the tools of work that you have invested in, it may be difficult to achieve the desired productivity.

A single right tool can make a significant difference in your productivity and timeline for achievement. This post looks at the top five tools to streamline your workflow on your computer and improve your organization’s productivity.

Tool One: Signature Generator

Gone are the days when you have to spend endless hours preparing paper documents and collecting signatures. You no longer have to waste time, effort, and money on creating, signing, faxing, scanning, and filing paper documents anymore. Technology has simplified the workflow process.

Tools such as Signature Generator have significantly streamlined the process. It is as easy as choosing a document template and customizing it to fit your requirements and using the e-sign tool on the platform to append your signature. Let us look at how Signature Generator works.

What is Signature Generator?

The Signature Generator tool is designed for organizations that deal with contracts, proposals, forms, and more. Users can access hundreds of document categories and choose the one that fits their needs. This means that they do not have to develop contracts, proposals, or forms from scratch.

All they have to do is browse through the Signature Generator platform and choose a document template that meets their need. They can edit the document online and use the e-sign tool on the site to append their signatures.

They can also share the same document with other stakeholders online to sign digitally on the document. This removes the long-drawn process of printing, sharing, signing, scanning, faxing, and filing documents.

Apart from the time-saving benefit, it also saves cost and significantly streamlines a business’ workflow. The tool is compatible with different operating systems on computers and mobile devices. Today, millions of users have adopted this tool and there are many positive reviews on how it has significantly improved their work process.

How to Use Signature Generator to Streamline Your Workflow Process

It is simple and easy to use this platform. The best part is that you can access the features on the site for free. Here are the simple steps to use the Signature Generator platform to streamline your workflow.

Step One: Visit the official website of Signature Generator.

Step Two: Browse through the different document categories to locate the specific category that you want to prepare a document in. Click the specific category and locate the document that you need. Click to open the document.

Step Three: Edit the document and customize it to fit your requirement.

Step Four: Use the e-signature tool on the platform to create your signature. You can draw or type your signature.

Step Five: Drag the signature to the designated position and save the document. If there are multiple signatories, you can share the document digitally and each signatory can append their signature electronically.

With this, you get to compress the timeframe to complete a contract and you streamline the whole process. Signature Generator offers numerous features and the best part is that it is available for free.

Tool Two: Todoist

This is a digital to-do list that features exceptional simplicity. You can create several lists at the same time; add extra information to your lists, such as reminders and due dates, and also comment on tasks.

Although there are various options of to-do lists out there, this stands out among the rest. It features a clutter-free interface and makes productivity very seamless. With this tool, you can streamline your workflow and stay on top of your daily projects.

Tool Three: Hootsuite

Every business needs a strong social media presence and it requires a lot of effort to achieve and maintain this. You need to invest time to research, write and schedule posts, and monitor the same. This often requires that you hire new staff to do this.

However, Hootsuite as a tool makes it more convenient and seamless to manage your social media pages from a single page. It features an intuitive interface that enables you to manage hundreds of messages on social media across numerous accounts. You can also analyze the conversant and engagement through this same tool with ease.

Tool Four: Google Drive

Google Drive is the premier cloud offering of Google and it has rightly earned its popularity, thanks to its effectiveness. It enables users to upload and store documents, photos, videos, and voice notes seamlessly. You get to use the service for free up to 15 GB of storage capacity.

Users can easily access the stored files through their smartphones, computer, web browser, tablet, and even offline. They can also easily share the documents with others without requiring any downloads.

All that is required is for the user to add collaborators through their emails and they can access the same document remotely. GoogleDrive is great for streamlining your workflow as far as storage and document sharing are concerned.

Tool Five: ProofHub

This is highly recommended for organizations that handle multiple projects. The tool makes planning and managing projects a breeze, thanks to its intuitive UI and effective features. Users can access the to-do list of all tasks from the home dashboard.

They can also find bookmarks, calendars, and other shortcuts from the dashboard. ProofHub also features panels for statuses and announcements on ongoing projects with their due dates.

More than 85,000 organizations across the world are currently using Proofhub. They include Google, TripAdvisor, Netflix, Nike, NASA, and Google, among others.


These are the top five tools that businesses can use to streamline their workflow on their computer. With these tools, you can improve your productivity and cut down on resource wastage.