5 Advanatges To Join In An Online Quilt Class!

Being present at live quilting events is a terrific opportunity to pick up new skills, find inspiration, and meet other quilters. We’re sure a lot of people missed it, including you. It looks that it will be some time before it is safe to have meetings in classrooms and other gathering places again owing of the Covid-19 worldwide epidemic. Here are 5 advantages of enrolling in online quilting classes.

Here are seven advantages of taking part in a live, online quilting class:

You get to use your own sewing machine and work in your own room.

If you’ve ever participated in an in-person course, you are aware of how unpleasant it may be. The machine’s height and that of the table are never the same as they are at home. Usually, the chair is not as comfortable as the one you usually sit in. The classroom illumination might be challenging. You’re in your own cosy setting whether you take an online course or watch a presentation. The fact that it is snug is the main advantage, but you could even be more productive in class.

Additionally, you’ll always have the tool you left at home and access to your full fabric collection. Additionally, you won’t need to pack up and transfer your bulky, heavy sewing machine or the rest of your materials!

You get to have a peek inside the teacher’s studio.

We’re all innately interested in how other quilters’ workspaces are organised and decorated. You may view the instructor’s workspace if you take an online quilting course. When learning skills like walking foot quilting, this is extremely beneficial. You get to observe the teacher in action and learn setup advice that may be useful and motivating.

You get to view quilting and demonstration details that you may otherwise miss during an in-person class.

The majority of trunk exhibits and in-person presentations I give take place in rooms that are medium or big. The quality of the image presentation isn’t fantastic because of the lighting and the design of projectors and displays. Additionally, when I’m speaking, it might be difficult for the majority of the audience to see the finer details of the quilts that are being held up. I can share my computer screen during online presentations and show high-resolution pictures of my quilts while I’m talking about them. Additionally, I keep the real stack of quilts nearby so I can photograph them.

You can still speak with the teacher privately and ask questions.

All workshops, trunk displays, and presentations take place via the Zoom platform. This makes it possible for participants and students to ask questions in person or through chat. You can see them, and they can see you too! They may “walk around the Zoom” and see what students are working on, respond to inquiries, provide further demonstrations and one-on-one assistance, and talk instead of moving around the room as they would generally do while students are engaged in a physical workshop.

Students may even add other devices so they may watch most of the class on a tablet or computer and add a smartphone, which they can then use to show me and the other students close-ups of their work using the camera on the device. I’m still able to walk you through approaches and resolve problems thanks to technology and cameras.

You can keep in touch with the people in your guild or organisation and get to know quilters all around the world.

Staying socially engaged and making new acquaintances are now even more crucial for our mental health in a time when social isolation is important for our physical health. Online meetings are a popular way for guilds and groups to communicate with one another.

It’s been so much pleasure to meet with quilters from all over the world and see them connect with one another in the seminars we’ve given to the broader quilting community. It serves as a reminder that quilting is a great way to meet new people.

Final thoughts

For people who can’t travel, have a hectic work/life schedule, or simply prefer to learn independently, in their homes, and on their own schedules, online programmes are ideal.