10 factors to consider when buying kitchen countertops!

There is no doubt that the countertop is an essential part of any kitchen. Therefore, deciding on the right countertop is a bit tricky. The best way to make a reliable decision is to know some stuff. There are plenty of options for kitchen countertops. But you should know how to buy kitchen countertops for your home.

For this purpose, keep some simple things in your mind. First of all, consider your lifestyle. Secondly, try to be practical. Also, follow the trends. However, try not to overlook the importance of its quality. In general, these are the initial steps to buy kitchen countertops. In addition to that, you have to consider some other factors too.

Several factors are essential when buying countertops for your kitchen. The most important factors are listed below:

Material of the countertop
Its durability
The strength of the material
Heat resistance
Color and design
It’s finishing
The backsplashes
Its maintenance
The price

1. Material of the countertop:

When you wish to buy a kitchen countertop, choose the best material. You have got plenty of options in it. However, it depends on your preferences. Whether you like the look of marble countertops, quartz countertops, or granite countertops. Each has its pros and cons. Similarly, if you want a wooden surface, go for a hardwood material. Therefore, start with choosing the body of your kitchen countertop.

2. Its durability:

The factor to consider is the durability of the countertop. A kitchen has to go through lot of things. It involves cooking and cleaning. Therefore, try to buy a durable kitchen countertop. Everyone wants long-term use. So, it has to be both practical and durable. Moreover, sealing also increases the longevity of a kitchen countertop.

3. The strength of the material:

The durability of kitchen countertops also depends on their strength. The harder the stone, the more strong it is. Stones like quartz, marble, and granite are hard in nature. Therefore, any one of these is suitable for a kitchen countertop. The strength of a stone carries the load of the work of a kitchen. So, choose a thick and a strong one.

4. Heat resistance:

A kitchen has to deal with a lot of heat because of cooking. However, in a busy kitchen, the countertop has to be heat resistant. In this case, granite countertops are the best option. So, it is best to consider this factor to buy kitchen countertops.

5. Color and design:

The color and design of kitchen countertops matter the most. It should go with the overall look of your kitchen. Also, the color of the top surface reflects the lights in the kitchen. Decide on the right color and design. Similarly, contrast your countertop with your kitchen cabinets. Moreover, the surface color must not show any stains and spills.

6. The finishing:

The finishing of the top surface is as essential as the body itself. Before buying kitchen countertops, look for their finishing. It could be matte or glossy. It has an impact on the overall beauty of your kitchen. If you like the shiny look, go for polished finishing. However, if you want a rough look, go for honed finishes. Besides, the finish also covers the scratches on the surface.

7. The backsplashes:

When you are looking for kitchen countertops, do not forget the backsplash. It adds to the beauty of your kitchen. The backsplash has to be in sync with the countertop. But consider the backsplash after choosing the countertop. The glossy tile backsplash looks perfect with any countertop.

8. Its maintenance:

You should consider the maintenance when buying countertops. It varies from material to material. Similarly, some countertops require more care and maintenance. If you are active in the kitchen, your needs must be different. But if you are the lazy one, go for an easy option. In every case, each countertop needs regular cleaning. Wipe the spills and stains right away. It will be helpful.

9. Eco-friendly:

You want a healthy environment for your kitchen. In this case, choose an eco-friendly countertop. It means it must not react with any chemicals or gases in the kitchen. Some stones react with the bacteria. It is very unhealthy. Therefore, it is best to consider this factor. It is good for your home.

10. Its price:

Finally, consider your budget. You can get countertops at various prices. It depends upon their quality. However, you should know that good quality comes with a price tag. Therefore, keep the money aside for your kitchen countertop. But do not go out of your budget. You can create the balance by choosing the best one for your home.


When you are looking for a kitchen countertop, consider some factors. Firstly, the hardness of its material matters. Similarly, its durability and heat resistance are also essential. Therefore, to buy kitchen countertops, make sure you consider more than its colors and designs. Badger granite offers quality countertops at affordable rates. So, look up to these factors to avoid any scam.