Zelensky Welcomes First Grain Shipment But States Russia Can’t Be Reliable

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has welcomed the very first shipment of grain in the port of Odesa because the Russian invasion started in Feb.

“The main harbour began working, the export traffic began, which is known as the very first positive signal that there’s an opportunity to stop the introduction of the meals crisis on the planet,” Zelensky stated in the daily video address.

Simultaneously, he cautioned, “We can’t be under any illusion that Russia only will avoid attempting to disrupt Ukrainian exports. Russia consistently triggered famine within the countries of Africa and Asia, which typically imported quite a lot of Ukrainian food. And today – in conditions of maximum heat, because this year in Europe, the specter of a cost crisis along with a particular food shortage can also be gift for some Countries in europe.”

Zelensky stated that 16 ships are waiting their turn for shipment, and “we will be ready to create a proper contribution towards the stabilization around the globe grocery store.”

Also, he stated which more than millions of jobs in Ukraine depend on traffic resuming.

Zelensky stated he’d spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron about farming exports and defense issues as well as about financial support for Ukraine.

He stated he’d requested Macron “to assist us to unblock macro-finance, that has stalled in Europe. I wish to help remind all of the leaders that it’s 9 billion euros. These aren’t trifles for all of us, but important social things – they are our pensions, they are our salaries, support for immigrants.”