Young lady vs Boy Metro Fight Above “Rs 1,000 Zara T-T-shirt” Is Maximum Delhi

New Delhi: A fight with a metro teach in Delhi has gone ridiculous viral. Inside a video clip shot by a passenger, a woman is noted slapping and reaching a child continually because he earnings a blow or way too as well, equally lacing their cuts with a choice of spoken volleys.

“Mummy ko bolungi major” (I will tell mommy) and “tere jaisa ladka kisiko na mile” (Nobody ought to have a guy just like you) punctuate the technical drone from the relocating workout.

From the audible flashes from the intermittently coherent trade, seems like the discussion began across the son insulting a T-shirt that this girl had bought.

“I got it for ? 1,000 from Zara,” she affirms. In which he replies, “Doesn’t appearance worth a lot more than ? 150.”