Wincent Weiss: Instagram news makes fans cry

Wincent Weiss fans are shocked through the singer’s new Insta-Publish. Is he serious?

Wincent Weiss: Full schedule

The singer includes a hectic agenda since the new album “Maybe Irgendwann” is imminent (release: May seventh, 2021). On his YouTube funnel, he adopts his fans with him each week because the album is created. He gives insights into difficulty sleeping within the studio and exciting discussions together with his producer Kevin Zaremba. For next season, he’s announced the “Maybe Sometime Tour”. Also, he functions as a coach in the Voice Kids and fights together with his jury colleagues to find the best talent and victory. Quite demanding …

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Wincent Weiss: Fans are shocked by his Instagram pictures

With the stress, can there be time left for a vacation to the hairstylist? His mane gets longer and longer – but really, we all like Wincent’s lengthy, frizzy hair, right ?! Then last night the shock: Wincent shares two pictures by which his hair continues to be shaved. Additionally the caption: “ So, been towards the hairstylist! Finally short hair again ”. The fans are sad. Comments like “ neeeiiiinnnnn his haireeeee ” or “ No! Why don’t you lengthy ?! “Can be viewed underneath the publish. Hold on one minute – in some way the images appear familiar to all of us. Following the final concert of his “Somehow Anders” tour in December 2019, also, he shocked us with short hair. Lo and behold, the images are identical – what ?! Was he just kidding his fans? You appear to discover more on him. “ The photos look familiar in my experience, “writes a person, “ Initially I had been shocked, however i think they’re pictures from last year” suspects another fan. Therefore we have to wait and find out if it will likely be sooner than April Fool’s Day is or if Wincent has truly short hair and merely shared a classic picture..

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