Why integrate Service Desk in the company!

Help Desk and Service Desk are information systems of technical support. Their main goal is to solve user problems concerning the work with devices, hardware, and software. For example, if a user can’t log in, or deleted some important documents, or the laptop is working too slowly, and so on. To solve such issues, users should contact someone from the technical support team, leave a request and wait. But what if it could be solved in another way?

Service Desk is an important functional component of ITIL \ ITSM for support teams, which allows them to identify problem areas of the IT infrastructure, evaluate the effectiveness of the IT department.

Service Desk is a logical consequence of the service approach – if IT provides services to users, then there should be a point of contact in case users face troubles. According to ITIL best practices, Service Desk can be a buffer between users and IT, which helps to properly organize the interaction with users and react to requests on time.

There are many Service Desk solutions on the market today, and they all have basic functionality that allows specialists to quickly respond to requests and solve the issues faster. Service Desk solutions differ in functionality, licensing model, the complexity of adaptation and development, but they all simplify the process of receiving and processing requests.

When does your company need a Service Desk?

You can face some possible challenges, and they can be simply solved with the help of the right tool for your team:

Increasing number of user requests. In this case, we recommend creating several support teams. The one could react to incoming requests, and the other one could solve them.
You need a single center for coordinating the efforts of various IT departments and ensuring control over the time of processing requests by IT specialists.
You need a reporting system to see the whole picture and make informed decisions.

What does the Service Desk give to your company?

Service Desk will set up work with service requests, and become a tool for analyzing behavioral and performance metrics of the team.

Thanks to Service Desk managers can :

● Collect statistics on staff how many times, for what reason they contact the IT department. If applications to the Service Desk are frequent and are associated with ignorance of the principles of working on a PC, the boss should think about training staff.

● Collect statistics of equipment failures and decide whether to update them. Evaluate the quality of work of IT specialists: how they respond to requests, whether they have a tool in their arsenal for preventing and eliminating incidents and problems.

● Plan to develop the infrastructure of the IT department to support work with growing volumes of data.

Service Desk for tech support team

It reduces the burden on IT specialists-a system appears in which they manage the lifecycle of each request and save solutions to the problem for subsequent calls to them.

Service Desk reduces the number of requests to IT in case of mass failure of services or prevention, due to software notifications about technical problems and deadlines for their elimination.

It also allows the tech support team to quickly record, qualify requests and not lose them, since they can come from different channels: messengers, by mail, by phone.

Help Desk for knowledge storage

The help desk system is the best database for storing all information related to customer requests, issuing tasks to specialists. Such a system has a simple and intuitive interface, helps to monitor how consistently work is performed, keeps records of incidents to notify administrators about them and monitors how much time and money was spent on a particular request, prioritization of client requests, etc.

In a word, service desk is multi-functional software that can greatly facilitate and speed up the company’s work, as well as increase its profitability and competitiveness

Service Desk optimization with Polontech

For our clients, we recommend Jira Service Desk Integration, as it’s based on ITSM \ ITIL practices.

When we implement Jira Service Desk into the client’s IT system, we make its work much more efficient and make it simpler for the support team to manage the full lifecycle of requests.

Our experts can also provide Atlassian-based apps and addons development and customization according to your business needs, integrate it with other software and add additional plugins. When implemented properly, Service Desk covers ITIL-based incident, request, problem, and change management for external and internal customers with just one service.