Who Owns Jc Penny (February 2022) Let Us Answer Here!

The guide shares information regarding The Master Of Jc Cent and key people and also the companies behind it.

Using the trade name, JC Cent may be the midscale departmental store chain famous among buyers within the U . s . States and Canada. Despite as being a popular departmental store, many consumers do not know the dog owner and founding father of the shop.

So many people are wondering and wish to know nobody controls and owns J.C Cent Company Corporation. If you should also know who controls the department chain, you have to look into the makeup of their share registry.

There are lots of shareholders of the organization, and we’re here to locate The Master Of Jc Cent.

What’s JC Cent?

Penney OpCo LLC, formerly referred to as J.C Cent Company Corporation or JC Cent, may be the midscale American departmental store chain operating in over 689 locations across 49 states. The shop sells conventional merchandise, fine jewellery, salon services, and much more.

The organization houses different leased departments, including portrait studios, optical centers, and Seattle’s Best Coffee. Most the shops have reached suburban departmental stores.

The very first store began on 14th April 1902 by James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus. It’s headquartered in Texas. In 2020, the shop filed personal bankruptcy, also it was purchased by Brookfield Asset Management and Simon Property Group for $800 Million indebted and funds.

The Master Of Jc Cent – Let’s Find!

The important thing people from the retail chain are Ronald Tysore (Chairman), Marc Rosen Chief executive officer, Bill Wafford CFO, and Shawn Gensch CCO. The shop focuses on clothing, cosmetics, footwear, electronics, toys, jewellery, furniture, and appliances.

The retail chain is really a small-cap stock company with lots of shareholders having a huge market capital.

Below there is also a listing of companies and institutions that own shares. So, consider the makeup of their share registry to understand The Master Of Jc Cent.

  • Soltau – $9.4 Million Shares
  • Ronald Tysoe obtained a share of just one 352 128
  • The Vanguard Group Corporation – 5.56% Share worth $17 783 906
  • Newport Trust Co – 4.97% Share worth $15 920 924
  • D.E Shaw & Co LP – 3.35% Share Worth $10 726 562
  • SSaA Funds Management Corporation – 2.87% Share Worth $9 166 546

These are the company’s shareholders who own part-share from the retail chain. You may even certain that your for any full listing of shareholders in the organization.

Is JC Cent a lot of money 500 Company?

Because you know The Master Of Jc Cent, tell us if the organization shows up on Fortune 500 Company List.

JC Cent operates from Texas, also it sells different appeals, appliances, along with other household items. It operates from over six-hundred locations having a huge subscriber base.

With more than 95K employees and dealing staff, the organization has guaranteed a location around the Fortune 500 Company List. It’s been rated at #25 out there. However, the ranking is susceptible to change, and therefore you should check online for more details.


JC Cent includes a huge subscriber base, and many individuals are unsure The Master Of Jc Cent. So, to understand the master of the retail chain, you need to check the development of the proportion registry.

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