What Is Your Aura Color?

Ever thought about should you could learn how to begin to see the colorful auras that some believe surround everyone constantly? And whether you are able to identify them, exactly what do individuals colors mean?

Based on many metaphysical practitioners and believers, aura colors come from vibrations. Every atom and molecule within the world translates itself into patterns. The patterns emanate in the body as vibrations, and also the eye could be educated to see these vibrations as colors.

Just like we can’t hear seem waves using the human ear, aura colors are visible simply to a minority of individuals. However the eye is progressively gaining the ability to determine aura colors, based on Gerald Heard, in the classic 1939 book Discomfort, Sex and Time.

The aura color wheel includes seven primary colors: red, orange, yellow, eco-friendly, blue, indigo and purple.

Seeing a feeling

If this sounds like the first time trying to see someone’s aura, squeeze person before a white-colored background.

Focus on one place from the person’s face, preferably the center of the brow, not less than a minute.

If you don’t take your vision from the brow, scan the outer edges from the mind, arms and shoulders. When the white-colored around these areas is better, you’ve just observed the existence of a feeling.

Take it easy whether it doesn’t happen for you personally the very first time. This process takes considerable concentration and persistence.

Feeling the Aura

It’s a great deal simpler to sense an individual’s aura. Standing in person using the person whose aura you will feel, put the palms of the hands 6 to 8 inches from the top person’s mind. Always keep that distance and gradually move both hands lower your body, not just in the sides, but additionally around the human body. Eventually, you’ll recognize a small fluffy effect while you come lower your body.

It’ll feel similar to you’re squishing both hands right into a feather-light pillow. This is actually the electromagnetic energy.

So, if you’re able to have the aura, however, you cannot view it, how can you tell exactly what the aura color is? The next 10 questions out of this brief aura-color test will place you on the right track.

Aura Color Test

Choose just one answer for each one of the following questions. Choose the one which best describes you, or perhaps is nearest. The letter you choose probably the most can help determine your aura-color explanation.

1. Which from the following most carefully describes your personality?

a) Energetic and powerful

b) Thoughtful and considerate

c) Healthy and friendly

d) Interpersonal and individuals person

e) Caring and useful

f) Spiritual and humble

g) Tender and supportive

2. This statement suits you:

a) I anger easily.

b) I love activities.

c) I dislike rules.

d) I communicate easily.

e) I enjoy help others.

f) I daydream.

g) I like learning something totally new.

3. You’d describe yourself as:

a) A loner

b) A danger-taker

c) Spontaneous

d) A nature lover

e) A great listener

f) A visionary

g) Very sensitive

4. Overall, you’re:

a) Realistic

b) Confident

c) Positive

d) Outgoing

e) Intuitive

f) Curious

g) Idealistic

5. Others say you’re:

a) Well-grounded

b) Brave

c) Creative

d) Love-centered

e) Highly spiritual

f) Imaginative

g) Independent

6. Which of this is your preferred?

a) Flowers

b) Chocolate

c) Footwear

d) Rings, Earrings

e) Furniture

f) Makeup

g) Candlelight Dinner

7. You consider yourself as:

a) Tenacious

b) Strongly motivated

c) Centered on an action plan

d) You aren’t a benevolent character

e) You aren’t well-developed instincts

f) A modest individual

g) An individual who remembers her dreams

8. Should you weren’t feeling well, what can become your most typical condition?

a) Nervous, anxiety

b) Body aches from over-effort

c) Stomach

d) Lacking breath

e) A sore throat

f) Watery or dry eyes

g) Headache

9. At work, you:

a) Strive together player

b) Should you prefer a challenge

c) Like to utilize both hands

d) Make an effort to complete tasks flawlessly

e) Feel guilty if you need to say, “no”

f) Feel the way you look takes priority

g) Frequently finish in a leadership position

10. A general statement with regards to you:

a) I’m sometimes blunt, only because If only to tell the truth.

b) I really like adventure and thrilling activities, even when they’re just a little harmful.

c) Pursuits like dancing and workout could be fun. Really, they’re my top picks.

d) I’m a structured individual who likes to be intellectually stimulated.

e) Material possessions aren’t my priority.

f) I sometimes seem like a fish from water, particularly in a sizable group.

g) The atmosphere is really a major concern of mine.

  • If most your solutions were “A”-Your aura is predominantly red.
  • If most your solutions were “B”-Your aura is predominantly orange.
  • If most your solutions were “C”-Your aura is predominantly yellow.
  • If most your solutions were “D”-Your aura is predominantly eco-friendly.
  • If most your solutions were “E”-Your aura is predominantly blue.
  • If most your solutions were “F”-Your aura is predominantly indigo.
  • If most your solutions were “G”-Your aura is predominantly purple.

In case your solutions are evenly divided between 2 or 3 colors, what this means is your aura color fluctuates between individuals particular colors, or you can always have a mix of individuals colors inside your aura.

After using the test, if you think it had been personally inconclusive, have faith. There’s another way will decipher your aura color. Look at your closet. You will see many colors, but you’re only thinking about individuals based in the aura color wheel. Which would you put on probably the most? Should you have a tendency to put on lots of black or tan, what color accessories would you put on? Are you currently an individual who chooses a specific color based on your mood? That signifies an individual whose aura changes often.

Aura Color Meanings

Now that you’ve got selected your color, exactly what do the colours mean? Here are a few words that best describe personal traits that match aura colors:

Red: Strong-willed, straightforward, energetic, powerful, well-grounded, hard worker, team player, active, competitive, realistic, impulsive and at a loss for change. If your ailment arises, it will likely be because of anxiety.

Orange: Courageous, adventurous, thoughtful, considerate, self-assured, detail-oriented, and often an absence in self-discipline. Health problems usually originate from the kidney or reproductive organs.

Yellow: Laid-back, playful, creative, friendly, positive, avoids conflict, feelings are often hurt, timid and mental performance. Health problems connect with the spleen.

Eco-friendly: Social, love people, creatures and nature, good communicator, perfectionist, quick-witted, organizer, impatient, reliable, nurturing. Lung area would be the indicated ailment.

Blue: Useful, caring, spiritual, intuitive, generally peaceful and content, understanding, peacemaker, steadfast, freethinker. Some think that problems you aren’t this aura color can experience pertains to the throat or thyroid.

Indigo: Imaginative, daydreamer, curious, deep inner feelings, sometimes lacks self-esteem, gentle, humble, introvert, calm and modest. Your eyes would be the concern for indigo-aura people.

Purple: Idealistic, most sensitive and wisest from the colors, a seeker of truth, independent, intellectual, extroverted and authoritative. Sometimes individuals with a purple aura color have psychic power. Purple pertains to the pineal gland and central nervous system.

Edgar Cayce, founding father of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, thought that one’s aura color may be the reflection from the soul, spirit and mind. Although we reside in an imperfect world, he believed we ought to “draw comfort in the blue aura, gather strength in the red, and become happy within the laughter and sunshine from the golden yellow.”