What is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Do you have erectile dysfunction or erection problem? It is quite a common disorder that males report worldwide. The males often face keeping an erection at the time of sex.

This problem is not rare but it must be treated. Erectile dysfunction happens when the flow of the blood gets limited in the penis due to emotional causes of stress.

ED results in emotional issues, health issues, and both. The risk factors are diabetes, age more than 50 years, high blood pressure, smoking, cardiovascular disorder, use of alcohol, obesity, and lack of exercise. The urologist will help to take Cenforce 100.

It is an early warning for severe diseases such as heart disease, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis. If you know the problem that resulted in ED then the disorder can be treated.

The urologists will ask you to take certain medicines by mouths such as Cialis, Vidalista 20, Viagra, and Levitra. You can also undergo testosterone therapy and penile injections.

How does erection function?

At the time of sexual arousal, the nerve discharges chemicals that enhance the flow of the blood in the vital organ. The blood gets to flow in two chambers that are spongy muscle tissue.

At the time of erection, this tissue trap blood, and the tissue get relaxed. The blood pressure in the soft tissue leads to the firming of the penis and results in an erection.

When the man gets an orgasm then signals from the nerve reach penis and lead to muscle tissues contraction and blood gets released in male circulation and erection goes down.

When you don’t get sexually aroused, your penis gets limp and soft. The size of the penis depends on various conditions like cold, warmth, anger, and worry.

Signs of erectile dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction then it is quite hard to maintain the erection firm at the time of sex.

ED can be the opening door to serious health concerns such as heart disease stating the blockage of the vascular system, stroke heart attack, and circulatory issues in the legs.

ED may result in depression, low self-esteem, and distress among partners. If this issue affects your relationship then you need the treatment. The therapy aims to treat erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of life.

Physical reasons for ED

  • No adequate flow of the blood in the penis- The health conditions decrease the flow of the blood in the penis like heart disease, hardened arteries, smoking, and diabetes.
  • Vital organs cant trap blood at the time of erection- if blood does not remain in the penis then erection can’t occur. The problem can occur at any age.
  • Nerve signals from the spinal cord or brain don’t reach vital organs- The surgery, injury, and some diseases in the pelvic region harm nerves.
  • Diabetes leads to nerve damage and vessel disorder.
  • Cancer treatment in the pelvis influences the function of the penis- Radiation, and surgery in the pelvis and lower abdomen lead to ED. The cancer survivors must consult a urologist.
  • Medicines for treating health issues can create side effects- if you experience side effects due to medicines then talk to the doctor.

Emotional reasons for ED

The mind and body should work normally to have sex. The relationship issues and emotional reasons can lead to worsening of ED.

The emotional causes are anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, stress at work or home, stress for sex performance, and stress from religious, cultural, and social conflicts.


The healthcare professional will ask you about the vascular and heart health and erection issue. He will ask you about your lifestyle and history of health.

You must tell him about your history of alcohol, smoking, and drugs. You must inform about the stressors in life. You can also tell the urologist about the best treatment choices.

Physical examination

The physical exam focuses on the genitals and analyzes for ED.  The risk factors and age focus on the blood and heart. He will monitor blood pressure, heart, and pulse.

The technician or doctor will monitor rectal vitals for the prostrate. The tests are not at all painful. Many patients don’t require the testing.

The medical professional will ask to give urine samples and blood tests for health issues for ED. The doctor will give you a list of questions to help you to diagnose the erection problem.

Therapy for erectile dysfunction

The therapy of erectile dysfunction aims at caring for vascular and heart health. The risk factors can be improved or changed.

The doctor asks you to do lifestyle modifications such as quit smoking, alter food habits, enhance workouts and quit taking alcohol or drugs. The doctor will also provide you with emotional therapy and counseling for relationship issues.

There are other alternatives like penile implants and oral medicines like Tadalaif 20. You can also use vacuum erection devices and surgery.

Oral medications like Vilitra 20 will help to treat erectile dysfunction. These medicines act as a PDE-5 inhibitor and enhance penile blood flow.

The medicines are FDA-approved and improvise normal erectile function. The generic Vaiga helps to treat erectile dysfunction.

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