What Is the Coronavirus, Symptoms, Ways to Escape

Coronavirus is a panic virus in a china virus, all over the world. Novel on the whole world has been told about the warning of the virus. Even if the incidence of Coronavirus in China is seen, it is slowly spreading in Thailand and Singapore, this Novel is not the virus. This does not do this; the virus has taken the epidemic in several cities including Wuhan of China. China’s health workers said that the signs of this taxation are to be like pneumonia. The disease of Coronavirus is already identified in Coronavirus in the city of Wuhan city in China.

One important thing for the people who are completing weight loss diet plans. They must avoid diet routine during their COVID positive and must avoid taking diet pills like lipozene without knowing lipozene side effects.Rather they should take healthy foods during this period.

What Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus- The name of the virus is NCOV. This is a type of Coronavirus. There are many species of it, but only 7 species of people can be infected in the human body. Scientists say, the virus is ‘mutating’ in the human body of the human body, that is, by changing the structure and multiplying particularly. As a result, this Virus can become more serious.

How Does Coronavirus Spread?

Simply put, coronavirus spreads through a few. First, it spreads from human to human body. This means that a person who has the virus spreads it from one person to another. But how to spread? The virus usually spreads through sneezing and coughing as if you were catching a cold. Details:

If a person infected with coronavirus sneezes, coughs or drops of breath enters another person’s body, it spreads. Suppose the victim coughs or sneezes, and another person is next to him. And that sneeze, the cough drops fell on the man on the other side and entered his body as well; that person will be affected.

Or, suppose, these drops fall on an object or place around the infected person. And other touches that object or place, touching his face, nose, or eyes. It can also spread the disease.

Coronavirus symptoms:

  • The main signs of the virus are hard to breathe.
  • Coronavirus is like Pneumonia.
  • Have fever and cough with Coronavirus.
  • The symptom of the body of Coronavirus becomes different of the body.
  • Can be pneumonia if the coronavirus is attacked.
  • The virus takes about 5 days to see the symptoms after entering the body.
  • The first and major signs of fever. Then the dry cough arises.

Ways to avoid Coronavirus:

  • Take awareness to live from Coronavirus.
  • Be careful from the Coronavirus during the tour.
  • Consume healthy vegetables and healthy fast food breakfast regularly to build immunity power.
  • Use mask
  • Stay away from the sick people.
  • Stay away from those whose flux, cough or pneumonia disease.
  • If the symptoms of the virus are revealed in your body, then you quickly consult the Doctor.

Do I Have Coronavirus?

Anyone can be infected with coronavirus. However, the risk depends on where you are and whether there is an outbreak of the disease now. However, if you follow the rules described above, you are more likely not to be infected with this virus.

Who Is Most At Risk For Coronavirus?

Anyone who comes in contact with a coronavirus can be infected. However, studies have shown that the virus is more risky for older people. Also, if you already have all of these diseases: high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma, etc., then you are at risk. This does not mean that young people or those who have no previous disease will not have this disease. Rather, it is important for everyone to be careful.


Keep in mind, however, that since this virus is not now newly discovered virus, or this disease. Therefore, we should all work together to prevent the disease. And, for the information that has been given to you above, we hope that we will all abide by it. There is nothing to panic about. Contact your doctor if you feel sick. And, again, follow the rules for coronavirus prevention.