What Information You Should Include on Your Business Cards?

Business cards are one of the best promotional marketing techniques of any company. When business owners exchange business cards, it will help the client and customers to know that the company is legitimate and trustworthy.

However, not every business owner knows what to include on their business cards. A good business card will work as an extension of your brand image. It will convey proper information regarding the brand image, your title as the business owner, and the effectiveness of the products and services you offer. This way you can promote your brand in a more powerful, memorable, and meaningful way.

Business cards aren’t just a tool that will provide information to the clients and the customers. The business cards will work as an opportunity to connect with the clients and customers on a more personal level. This is why digital and online marketing techniques cannot replace the importance of business cards. Continue reading the article to know what you should include in your business cards.

Tagline and Logo 

As mentioned above, the business cards will work as the extension of your brand name and logo. Therefore, one of the most important things you need to include on your custom business cards is your tagline and logo. This way you can effectively convey the identity of your company to the specific holder.

Make sure the consumers and clients can recognize your business instantly through the business cards. Consider using creative shapes, words, and colors. These elements will work as the identity of your branding. Your primary goal is to use the business cards to motivate your consumers to associate with your brand. Consider giving your business cards a customized look using Custom Stationery shops online.

Functional Job Title and Name 

This point seems obvious, right? But despite its importance, many business owners overlook this specific information. If your name is Thomas and you go by the name Tom, you need to include your original name on the business cards. This is because business cards aren’t effective to spread your genealogical information.

Rather, you need to design the business cards in such a way that people would love to talk with you. Make sure you introduce yourself properly before you start informing them about the products and services.

Additionally, make no mistakes while including your job title. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur, the job title needs to be transparent. Consider using the title that will describe your primary role in the business.

Contact Information 

Last but not least is the contact information. This is something that you need to pay close attention to while including on your business cards. Contact information is the heart of your business cards. Failing to include relevant contact information on your business cards will make them ineffective at generating positive results. If you want people to contact and engage with your business, you need to tell them how. However, many business owners don’t know which contact information they should include. As per Quora, it’s important for a business to have contact information.

Apart from the phone number, you need to add the email address and the social media handles. Make sure you don’t include a personal phone number on your business cards.


These are some essential things you should include in your business cards. Make sure you visit our website if you need the customized business cards.