What Are Web Scraping Tools? Top Tools to Use

A simple process to gather data from the internet is web scrapping. By using web scraping tools, we can gather structured data from the web. After gathering this data, we can use it for analysis. We can use web scraping tools for various purposes. For example, we can use them for data collection from a market research point of view. Sometimes, the marketers use these tools to extract the contact information. These tools are also helpful for price tracking, lead generation and news monitoring etc. Quality of data, scalability and transparent pricing structures are some important factors to consider while choosing these tools. Here, we will discuss the use of some top web scrapping tools.


By using this one of the best and powerful web scraping tools, you can easily extract the data without writing a single line of code. It is just like selecting the data from any other source. ParseHub is offering lots of features to the users. For example, if you want to download the data, you can use its clean text and HTML. Its graphical interface is also easily understandable for the users. This tool is also allowing the automatic storing of the data on the servers. Due to its automatic IP rotation, it is allowing scrapping along the logic walls. You can easily export the data in JSON and Excel formats. If you want to extract data from tables and maps, you can also use this tool. If you want to extract 200 pages per run, you can use its free plan.


It works just like PareseHub. It means that you can use this one of the best web scraping tools to scrape the data without writing a single line of code. Anyhow, it is providing a fully intuitive interface to the users. By using this interface, you can get full control of the web scraping process. If you want to run scrapper on the cloud, it is offering a Site Parser solution. You can also use its point and click screen scraper. By using this scraper, you can scrape at various places. In these places, there comes behind the login forms, render JavaScript and much more. While using this tool, you will not face the problem of being banned. Its reason is that it is offering Anonymous Web Data Scrapping. By using its free plan, you can build only 10 crawlers.

Scraper API:

It is one of the best web scraping tools for designers to build web scrappers. When you will use other web scraping tools, you may notice that these tools can’t handle browsers, proxies and CAPTCHAs. Anyhow, if you will use this tool, you will never face this problem. When you will use this tool, you can easily obtain the raw HTML by making a simple API call. It is easy to integrate a tool that you can use to render JavaScript. It is also offering geo-located rotating proxies to the web scrappers. If you want to build scalable web scrappers, it will offer great speed and reliability. It is also offering pools of proxies to the users. By using these proxies, you can scrape E-Commerce price, search engine and social media data.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, if you are looking for a completely developed web scrapper, Webhose.io is one of the best web scraping tools. You can easily use this tool for content marketing and sharing. That’s why it has become the best option for growing companies. Here, you will find fairly fast content indexing. You can also find a highly reliable and dedicated support team. To find different web scrapping solutions, you can use its different integrations. When you will use this tool, you will get full control over language selection. After getting full control, the users can easily perform all the tasks. It is also providing access to structured and machine-readable data in different formats. When you will use its free plan, you can get 1000 HTTP requests per month.

Content Grabber:

By using this Cloud-Based tool, you can easily extract the data from all the businesses. When you will use this tool, you will get faster data extraction as compared to other tools. Using your dedicated API, allows you to build apps. As a result, you can get direct execution of the data from your website. It is also allowing the users to directly scrape the information from the websites. For the data extraction, it is offering a wide variety of formats. In these formats, there comes CSV and JSON etc. If you want to use this tool, you can use its two plans. First, you can buy its license. Its server license is available just within $449/year. Secondly, you can buy its monthly subscription plan. Its monthly subscription plan is available within $69/month.

Common Crawl:

If you want to explore and analyze the data to uncover meaningful insights, Common Crawl is one of the best web scraping tools for you. When you will use this tool, you can get access to open datasets of raw web pages. It is also providing support to the users on a non-code basis. As a teacher, if you want to teach data analysis, it is also providing the best resources. While using this tool, you don’t worry about fees. Its reason is that it is a non-profit platform and it is relying on donations. Anyhow, when you will use this tool, you can’t get support for the live data. It is also not providing support for AJAX-based websites.


By using these web scraping tools, you can easily gather information from the internet. After gathering this data, you can easily structure this data for analysis. These tools also allow the users to extract the information in such a format that is easy to understand for them. No doubt, we can do web scrapping manually. Anyhow, if we will do it manually, we will find this process tedious. When we will use these tools, we can easily speed up the work. It is also a costless way to scrape the information and you can complete the scrapping process swiftly. We are using this process for lead generation and market research.