Weed-Infused Gum and 5 Other Surprising Marijuana-Based Items to Help with Chronic Pain !

Not very lengthy ago, I made the decision which i desired to give some medical cannabis products a go. I’ve stage IV endometriosis. This could lead to chronic discomfort through the month, particularly when I’m on my small period.


However I hate using the narcotics my doctors prescribed me. I wish to believe there’s an easy method. So, I’ve been searching in it.

Obviously, among the top hits is marijuana for chronic discomfort. Though there is no research yet that conclusively proves marijuana is an efficient medication, there are several findingsTrusted Source that suggest it’s good results for chronic discomfort.

The factor is – I personally don’t like smoking, and that i don’t want to be high. So, I’ve been searching into what else is offered. I understand about CBD oil and CBD pills, however i recognized there are plenty of other awesome medical cannabis items that I’d never heard about.

These are ideal for individuals people, much like me, who would like the advantages of cannabis without getting to smoke, which could damage their lung area. Additionally, it ensures they won’t be required to get high or take narcotics.

1. Gum

PlusGum promises a higher for less than five calories that can take effect within fifteen minutes which last for four hrs. The spearmint 6-pack provides 150 milligrams of THC, with 25 milligrams per bit of gum. However they aren’t the only real gum product available on the market. CanChew gum brings a higher CBD-strain towards the table that promises all of the benefits with no top something that many people using medical cannabis are trying to find. And MedChewRx is presently in numerous studies for chronic discomfort and spasticity in individuals with ms.

2. Tampons

Because my periods cause a increased degree of discomfort, I had been especially interested in the weed-infused tampons I’d been hearing a lot about. So, imagine my surprise after i discovered they aren’t really tampons, but instead suppositories to become placed vaginally whenever a lady is on her behalf period. Foria Relief may be the brand behind the merchandise, and if you think maybe their online reviews, they appear to really help.

3. Tea

A lately released studyTrusted Source discovered that sipping your marijuana may be an ideal way of coping with chronic discomfort. Cannabis-infused teas are something can really be, and it is regarded as a technique that gives slow-acting but lengthy-lasting administration. Brands like Santé also provide hemp tea ready for sale.

4. Bath salts

To become obvious, we’re speaking about actual bath salts here – and not the harmful street drug you might have learned about. Whoopi & Maya come with an Epsom Salt bath soak, which is supposed to help combine the discomfort relief of medical cannabis with tepid to warm water, and based on their testimonials, it’s pretty potent.

5. Coffee

If you are searching to begin your entire day by having an special pick-me-up, these cannabis coffee pods might be right in your sweet zone. These were just lately released and therefore are stated to become suitable for all Keurig coffee brewers. The pods are available in different dosing strengths and strains, and could be caffeinated or caffeine free. Additionally they make tea and cacao pods, and list new flavors not far off. Not keen on the plastic waste? They aren’t either. Their pods are 100% compostable for ecological health.

6. Topical balm

Medicated topical balms work by mixing cannabis along with other skin-soothing ingredients, that is applied to your skin to relieve muscle discomfort. Leif Goods has balms that are offered in cedar plank wood and orange, or lavender and bergamot. They will use a mixture of conditioning ingredients and cannabis extract to assuage both dried-out skin and muscle aches. Added plus: They’re bee-free and completely vegan!


What’s the down-side of those products? Well, unless of course you reside in a condition with medical cannabis dispensaries and also have a card to buy, you might be unable to get hold of them in the near future.

Even residing in Alaska, where marijuana is 100 % legal, I haven’t had the ability to find anything about this list. That’s because in Alaska we have ample regular marijuana dispensaries, but none of them for medical cannabis.

For the moment, states like Washington, California, and Colorado are most likely your very best bets for locating a few of the more unique medical cannabis products you might aspire to get hold of. But until federal law catches track of america readiness to decriminalize marijuana use, you will not have the ability to travel across condition lines with any product that contains THC.

So, what have I done? Well, for the moment I’m tinkering with CBD oil – an item low enough in THC that it may really be purchased and shipped online. But I’m visiting some buddies in Washington the following month, and you’d better believe I curently have a summary of products I’m wishing to provide a go!