Trina Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Trina’s net worth?

Net Worth: $6 Million
Age: 46
Born: December 3, 1978
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2021


Trina’s internet worth is believed to become $six million.

Katrina Laverne “Trina” Taylor is definitely an American rapper and model from Miami. She acquired prestige in 1998 when she made an appearance on Trick Daddy’s second studio album using the single ‘Nann Nigga’.

Trina has since that time released five effective studio albums throughout her career to date.

Early Existence

Katrina Laverne “Trina” Taylor was created in Miami, Florida around the 3rd of December, 1978. Trina’s mother comes from the Bahamas and her father comes from tobago. She increased in Pembroke Isle in Florida where she began to obtain thinking about music.

Trina attended Miami Northwestern Secondary School, where she would be a majorette. She graduated in 1992 and went after her rapping career in her own free time.


Trina debuted in 1998 on Slip-N-Slide with Trick Daddy’s ‘Nann’, and she or he grew to become rapidly a family group name in Hip-Hop. Trina earned national attention, and she or he easily becomes the queen from the South.

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She released her first couple of albums ‘Da Baddest Bitch’ (2000) and Gold album titled ‘Diamond Princess’ (2002) which acquired her attention from labels and producers around the globe.

Trina acquired recognition and signed an offer with Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic records. ‘Da Baddest Bitch’ joined the Billboard chart at No.10.

After her two debut albums were released she’d now be a household name and she or he had a taste of success together with her album selling greater than 700.000 copies within the U.S.

Trina continued to produce three solo albums and 2 mixtapes which acquired a millionaire. Her music and private existence happen to be a continuing evolution.

Trina has collaborated with several of the best producers and labels on the planet. She’s labored with stars including Ron Ross, Missy Elliot, Ludacris, Weezy and Kelly Rowland.

Today Trina is really a highly effective female rapper. She’s collaborated with the best stars and her songs and albums have offered over countless copies.

In 2017 she was announced among the primary cast in people from the first season for each other & Hip-Hop: Miami.

In 2018 she released her latest album ‘The One’ the sixth studio album by Trina.

By 2021, Trina’s internet worth is $six million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Trina’s career:

  • Billboard Hot 100 ‘Nann Nigga’ (1990)
  • Da Baddest Bitch ‘Debut Album’ (2000)
  • BET Awards ‘Best Female Hip-Hop Artist’ – Nominated
  • Diamond Princess ‘Second Album’ (2002)
  • Glamorest Life ‘Third Album’ (2005)
  • American Music Awards ‘Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist’ – Nominated (2005)
  • Still Da Baddest ‘Fourth Album’ (2008)
  • ACE Awards ‘Power of Influence Award’ – Winner (2010)
  • MTV Video Music Awards ‘Remix of the Year’ – Nominated (2015)
  • The Mane Event (2017)
  • Wild’n Out (2017)
  • The One ‘Sixth Album’ (2018)
  • Love & Hip-Hop: Miami (2018)

Favorite Quotes from Trina

“I believe that what works for the consumer is to be able to determine what they can pay — even if it is nothing. (Just joking.) Unfortunately, so many depend on credit for living expenses, and the lower payments helped them in the immediate term. I am OK with that. For those who want their minimum to be more, you don’t have to wait on your credit issuer to increase the payment — do it on your own. For others, at this time, I think it’s a horrible idea.” – Trina

“Visits to ‘the country’ were very important to me growing up, especially working on the farm, experiencing all the wonders of cats and chickens and pigs and calves and outhouses!” – Trina

“Without butterflies, the world would soon have few flowers. There is enough room in the sky for all flyers.” – Trina

“I’m really just a throw-my-hair-into-a-ponytail kind of girl. Don’t like styles that are too neat or too done. I don’t think I’ll ever go too crazy with colors. I stick with my main two: goldish-blonde or black.” – Trina

“We were a religious, practicing, Catholic family – Mass together on Sunday, Catholic schools, and parents who practiced everything they preached. A great gift was their total absence of any derogatory talk about people of any race or culture and we were on a street of many faiths, though no other races at that early time.” – Trina

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Trina is among the wealthiest female rappers on the planet and it has a really different and effective career through her years like a model and rapper. She’s collaborated with stars including Weezy, Missy Elliot, Ron Ross, Lil Jon, and Snoop Dogg.

By 2021, Trina’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $six million dollars.