Tom Felton And Emma Watson Dating Rumors Years After ‘Harry Potter’?

The rumor mill is simmering: What’s happening backward and forward ” Harry Potter ” actors Emma Watson and Tom Felton?

Harry Potter fans love Tom Felton’s birthday greetings to Emma Watson.

And also the rumor mill is hot again! “Harry Potter” fans needed to wait a lengthy here we are at a brand new symbol – and today this! For Emma Watson’s birthday, her dear friend Tom Felton created a particularly sweet congratulation. On the picture of the pair of them from 2002, Felton writes: ” Happy Birthday towards the one & only ” (” Happy birthday for that one and only”). OKAY, seriously, also do you want ?! The fans went nuts! The “Dramione Heart” (combination of Draco and Hermione / Hermione) beat faster, also around.

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Since Watson accepted this year that they had a significant crush on Felton once the two began the “Harry Potter” franchise, fans all over the world happen to be wishing that something can come together in the end. Meanwhile, Watson continues to be with Leo Robintonfor a lengthy time… However the fan hope dies last! Even when we obviously wish Watson and her boyfriend best wishes.

Emma Watson and Tom Felton: Intimate Friendship.

“Hermione Granger” and “Draco Malfoy” are recognized to be not good buddies within the ” Harry Potter ” tales. The truth is, however, it appears completely different: the 2 actors Emma Watson (28) and Tom Felton (31) made buddies throughout the filming making not a secret to the fact that these were still eight years following the discharge of the final “Harry Potter” – Films still enjoy spending time together. Just yesterday, the beautiful actress pottered a sweet pic of herself on Instagram, which nobody apart from Tom had shot of her, and authored: “Friends place you in the limelight!”

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“Harry Potter” fans expect an appreciation story.

But they are the 2 British superstars really just buddies? Some fans have suspected for any lengthy time that there’s more happening backward and forward! In the end, cute pics keep appearing that demonstrate Emma and Tom in intimate togetherness. “You are extremely cute together!” Among the a large number of fans authored in November within picture the “Hermione” actress had published of herself and her (alleged) buddy Tom on Instagram. The 31-year-old then revealed within an interview he and Emma meet quite frequently, but simply don’t publish it on Instagram each time. Just the two know whether there’s really more happening backward and forward “Harry Potter” stars. The fans would certainly celebrate if a person day the large love outing came!