The Devil Judge: New Episodes Show Ji Sung Facing Unexpected Dangers

The brand new K-drama The Demon Judge is constantly on the seduce viewers with surprising twists from the opening scenes. In the latest installment a few days ago, new stills raise high expectations with drama star Ji Sang coming across hiding in the center of an unpredicted situation and actress Park Gyu Youthful pointing a gun at someone.

Ji Sang is responsible for a genuine sensation by coming back to K-Dramas as Kang Yo Han referred to as Demon Judge, a mind judge always prepared to search lower villains. He’s the main one responsible for punishing individuals who commit injustices inside a dystopian society, but also, he hides a mysterious.

The novel story about trials like a tv program within an alternative world whose ultimate goal would be to do justice using the live broadcast of every situation, is a positive results since its debut. Within the plot the entire country can participate and election around the guilt from the accused.

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Entering its second week, The Demon Judge with GOT7’s Ji Sang, Kim Min Jung, and Jinyoung has were able to pique the public’s curiosity from the backdrop of the dystopian world inside a chaotic society as well as an illegal condition in Columbia. after being hit by a crisis. In this world, Kang Yo Han comes that need considering like a hero of those by a few along with a demon who wears the mask from the law by others.

Within the story we see Kim Min Jung playing Jung Sun Ah, the protagonist’s enemy and executive director from the Social Responsibility Foundation. A really well connected cunning businesswoman. Jin Youthful of K-Pop group GOT7 plays Kim Ga On, a rookie judge connected using the courts who represents a ray of hope inside a corrupt world, and Park Gyu Youthful as police detective Yoon Soo Hyun, a specialist around the unit. research, childhood friend of Ga On.

Within the first couple of chapters from the Demon Judge viewers saw Yoon Soo Hyun (Park Gyu Youthful) who believed that Kang Yo Han may be the savior of his country while he had offered justice within the first televised trial. But however, Kim Ga On (GOT7’s Jinyoung) more and more doubts the mysterious judge and decides to research. Also, someone from Kang Yo Han’s past known as him a “devil” on social networking, prompting Kim Ga On and Yoon Soo Hyun to research his past together more completely.

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The most recent previews show Kang Yo Han’s character inside a mysterious place while putting on a black hood to avert being recognized. If he’s usually always observed in a suit and tie or tunic at court, this time around he shows a mysterious side. Within the last episode, he was seen wandering probably the most harmful regions of the town hidden within the shadows.

The strain mounts with pictures of Yoon Soo Hyun pointing a gun at someone. Besides the two photos, another still image shows Kang Yo Han’s secret right-hands person called K (performed by actor Lee Ki Taek) on stage, suggesting that it’s likely the demon judge and Yoon Soo Hyun could live. a really harmful event.

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