The 10 Most Expensive Amiibo Figures Ever Sold

Need to know exactly what the most costly Amiibo figures are?

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Amiibos have grown to be remarkably well-liked by Nintendo fans worldwide ever since they were released in 2014.

But, many are worth more than the others because of defects and limited figures.

So, if you are an Amiibo fan, and you have between $125 – $25,100 to invest, this is actually the list for you personally!

Let’s join in.

Listed here are the ten most costly Amiibo figures.

The Ten Most Costly Amiibo Figures

Their email list of Amiibo figures and values pointed out below happen to be compiled from various sources online, for example Game Rant & Wikipedia.

The figures the following include auctions. There can be a rather different version of the identical Amiibo that you’re in a position to buy for much less cash.

Fundamental essentials 10 most costly Amiibo figures:

10. Toon Link and Zelda

Believed Value: $125

The Legend of Zelda is among Nintendo’s most widely used games, so it’s no shocker that Amiibos associated with the sport could be worth some decent money.

Well, included in the 30th-anniversary series, Nintendo made the decision to produce a 2-pack Amiibo set featuring Link and Zelda within their Wind Waker, toony form.

While you will get the conventional individual Toon Link and Zelda Amiibos pretty easily, getting hold of one of these simple exclusive figures is much more complicated.

So, if you wish to add a set of those to your collection, then possess a search through eBay, while you will be able to choose a setup for approximately $125, more or less a couple of cents.

9. Poochy

Believed Value: $130

Poochy is really a small, adorable searching dog which was first brought to the Nintendo-verse in Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.

He’s a genuine focal point in Yoshi hanging around because he can walk over lava and many types of harmful terrain, allowing Yoshi to mix securely.

This specific version is made of real yarn and it is presently priced around $130 on eBay.

It’s money wisely spent within our opinion, as you can take a look at his smiling face every single day!

8. Gold Mega Man Amiibo

Believed Value: $136

Released on Feb 23, 2016, Golden Mega Man Amiibo rapidly offered out across The United States.

The reason behind this really is that it is a unique edition form of the Amiibo figure that included the Mega Man Legacy Collection in 2016.

Go forward 4 years, and just what was costing $49.99, has become worth almost triple that, and, it may simply be available on sites like eBay and Amazon . com.

Should you choose have the ability to purchase one for any reasonable cost, guard it together with your existence as it’s among the rarest Amiibos in the world!

7. Squid Siblings Callie and Marie

Believed Value: $145

Callie and Marie, the squid siblings in the game, Splatoon, offered in The United States upon release and may simply be located on the secondary market consequently.

The siblings shot to fame after winning the Calamari County’s first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest, and therefore are therefore considered among the top Amiibos to incorporate in your collection.

However, finding some figures will probably be your challenge, as they’re unlisted on platforms like eBay and Amazon . com everything frequently.

And, when they’re, prices have a tendency to hover round the $145 mark, and much more once the auction gets hotter!

6. Navirou

Believed Value: $160

Everyone’s favorite Amiibo Cat, Navirou, was launched in October 2016 like a Japanese exclusive.

A Navirou Amiibo in good shape costs around $160 on eBay or Amazon . com.

It’s regarded as rare and many valuable of all of the Monster Hunter Tales Amiibos, but it’s unclear why.

It’s likely got something related to his adorable facial expression and hands gesture.

But largest, you will not get much vary from $160 if you choose to purchase one!

5. Mega Yarn Yoshi

Believed Value: $225

The following most costly Amiibo is Mega Yarn Yoshi.

This cute little Amiibo was launched in November 2015 like a Toys’ R’ Us exclusive.

It had been released along with Yoshi’s Woodly World, probably the most popular side-scrolling game titles printed by Nintendo, and dwarfed the standard-sized yarn Yoshi Amiibos.

The enormous plush’s exclusivity is the reason why it so valuable and searched for after. It rapidly grew to become unavailable to purchase in shops, showing nearly impossible to get hold of one.

So, should you choose find one, it will likely be worthwhile, as it’s likely they’ll continue growing in value.

4. Qbby

Believed Value: $400

Qbby is yet another Japanese exclusive that’s suitable for games like BoxBoy, BoxBoxBoy, and Bye-Bye BoxBoy!

To be the primary character within the BoxBoy series, Qbby grew to become probably the most popular Amiibos on the planet because of the recognition from the series.

The little square box, with two eyes and 2 legs, is presently priced around $400 on eBay and Amazon . com.

However, watch this space, because it will probably still rise in value because of its limited status.

3. Missing Left Hands Luigi

Believed Value: $500

The 3rd most costly Amiibo is Luigi having a missing left hands.

It’s pretty obvious where this Amiibo’s value originates from, as figures with missing parts, in good shape and factory sealed, could be worth a lot of money.

Now, unlike a lot of the list, that one offered at auction, meaning it’s worth its valuation.

Because it was launched in December 2014, this rare Amiibo is becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

It has led to a substantial cost increase for those that are listed for purchase on sites like eBay.

Knowing that, if you are looking for one, then a minimum of you have a concept about how exactly much it’s important to spend to include someone to your Amiibo collection.

2. Samus Two Cannons

Believed Value: $2,500

Samus Aran from Metroid was area of the first wave of Amiibo figures released in 2014.

Similar to the above pointed out Luigi, this form of Samus was defective, that makes it very valuable.

It had been manufactured by having an extra cannon on its left arm accidentally, and for that reason stopped from production and branded as defective.

But, go forward six many its defects are what allow it to be worth a lot of money.

Given how rare it’s, it’s easy to understand why someone was prepared to pay $2,500 for this on eBay in 2014!

1. Legless Princess Peach

After greater than 100 bids from 17 people, the factory-sealed Legless Princess Peach Amiibo offered at auction in 2014 for any whopping $25,100!

It isn’t entirely obvious why the legless form of Princess Peach is considered worth more than other defective Amiibos, but for whatever reason, it’s.

And, it is also unclear the number of Legless Princess Peach’s you will find. However, there has been a couple of for auction on eBay since their official release in 2014.

So, with potentially just a number of these defective collectibles in circulation, along with a known purchase cost of $25,100, it makes sense that they’re only likely to be valuable in the future.

So, should you choose see one for purchase, and you have some you cash to invest, then you may end up becoming the proud owner of the very most costly Amiibo ever!


Hopefully you enjoyed our listing of the ten most costly Amiibo figures?

That one blew the brain! $25,000 for any defective figure, that’s just nuts!

But, like always, it’s worth what someones willing to cover it, which Amiibos certainly found their audience.

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Here’s a fast recap from the 10 most costly Amiibo figures:

  1. Legless Princess Peach
  2. Samus Two Cannons
  3. Missing Left Hands Luigi
  4. Qbby
  5. Mega Yarn Yoshi
  6. Navirou
  7. Squid Siblings Callie and Marie
  8. Golden Mega Man Amiibo
  9. Poochy
  10. Toon Link and Zelda