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Just experienced your dinner and craving some frozen delicacy but confused about where in the event you check out? Let me allow you to then! You can visit Sweet Frog since they provide one of the best iced yogurts. If you are planning to visit the place, then make sure you know about their latest menu. So, in this post, let’s have a look at the menu with prices.

Sugary Frog’s menus consists of non-body fat, reduced fat, superior, no sweets and sorbet yogurts. They have a large selection of flavours when it comes to yogurts like alpine raspberry, cheesecake, many, vanilla, praline and blueberry far more.

This became just an introduction to the menus and also the detailed food list is mentioned under. I actually have also discussed a few other beneficial details like contact, nutritional and franchise info. Let’s have a quick look at the history, before seeing the menu.

Sweet Frog (also referred to as Sugary Frog Superior Freezing Yogurt) is a frosty fat free yogurt chain that had been started by Derek Annah and Cha Kim during 2009. The 1st retail store of Sweet Frog was launched in Richmond, Virginia. But right now, Wonderful Frog is owned or operated and managed by Sweet Frog Businesses, LLC.

Freezing Yogurts from Sugary Frog

Sugary Frog’s food list involves a multitude of iced yogurts. They serve more than 80 flavors in five types, which includes non-fat, low-excess fat, superior, no sugar and sorbet. This can help these to serve different types of buyers.

Several of the preferred tastes involve alpine vanilla flavor, apple pie, coffee house mix, rich and creamy peppermint, French toast, Greek dark cherry plus more.

According to the weight of the cup the customer has to manually fill their cup with the yogurt flavor they want and they will be charged. The fat free yogurt they offer is clean since they assume that a customer should have a healthy and refreshing fat free yogurt.

So, let’s check out the latest Sweet Frog menu.

Non-fat Flavors

Nonfat Flavors 1 oz. Price
Alpine Vanilla $0.50
Angel Food Cake $0.50
Apple Pie $0.50
Cable Car Chocolate $0.50
Classic Chocolate $0.50
Coffee House Blend $0.50
Cookies n Cream $0.50
Country Vanilla $0.50
Creamy Mint Cookie $0.50
Egg Nog $0.50
Fancy French Vanilla $0.50
French Toast $0.50
Georgia Peach $0.50
Graham Cracker $0.50
Greek Black Cherry $0.50
Greek Lemon $0.50
Huckleberry $0.50
Irish Mint $0.50
Island Banana $0.50
Luscious Lemon $0.50
Maple Bacon Donut $0.50
Mountain Blackberry $0.50
New York Cheesecake $0.50
Orchard Cherry $0.50
Outrageous Orange $0.50
Pecan Praline $0.50
Peppermint $0.50
Pistachio $0.50
Pomegranate Raspberry Tart $0.50
Pumpkin Pie $0.50
Root Beer Float $0.50
Snickerdoodle $0.50
Toasted Marshmallow $0.50
Tropical Tart $0.50
Very Raspberry $0.50
Very Strawberry $0.50
White Chocolate Mousse $0.50
Wild Berry Tart $0.50

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Low Fat Flavors

Low Fat Flavors 1 oz. Price
Birthday Cake $0.50
Blue Cotton Candy $0.50
Cappuccino $0.50
Chocolate Caramel Turtle $0.50
Cinnamon Roll $0.50
Dulce De Leche $0.50
Dutch Chocolate $0.50
Fudge Brownie Batter $0.50
Mango $0.50
Milk Chocolate $0.50
Ooohlala Orange $0.50
Original Tart $0.50
Pineapple $0.50
Red Velvet $0.50
Salted Caramel Corn $0.50
Strawberry $0.50
Sweet Coconut $0.50
Toffee $0.50
White Vanilla $0.50

Supreme Flavors

Supreme Flavors 1 oz. Price
Biscotti Gelato $0.50
Caramel Sea Salt Gelato $0.50
Chocolate Hazelnut $0.50
Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato $0.50
Peanut Butter $0.50
Tuscan Tiramisu Gelato $0.50

No Sugar Added Flavors

No Sugar Added Flavors 1 oz. Price
No Sugar Added Blueberry $0.50
No Sugar Added Cake Batter $0.50
No Sugar Added Cheesecake $0.50
No Sugar Added Chocolate $0.50
No Sugar Added Coffee $0.50
No Sugar Added Mint $0.50
No Sugar Added Praline $0.50
No Sugar Added Raspberry $0.50
No Sugar Added Strawberry $0.50
No Sugar Added Strawberry Banana $0.50
No Sugar Added Vanilla $0.50

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Sorbet Flavors

Sorbet Flavors 1 oz. Price
Chocolate Fudge $0.50
Green Apple $0.50
Key Lime $0.50
Orange Blast $0.50
Pink Lemonade $0.50
Pomegranate Raspberry $0.50
Strawberry Kiwi $0.50
Strawberry Lemonade $0.50
Very Berry $0.50
Watermelon $0.50