Supernatural: What’s been said so far about the prequel The Winchesters

You cannot keep fans for lengthy. Under annually after Supernatural, The CW’s lengthy-running drama about a set of siblings saving people and hunting things, parking the Impala forever, the household can go back to our screens. Maybe away from the approach we take to expected.

Based on some sources, a number of prequels is within development around the CW about Supernatural which will concentrate on the epic love story of Mike and Dean’s parents, John and Mary Winchester.

Known as The Winchesters, the work has been created by former Supernatural frontman Jensen Ackles and the wife, additionally a regular Supernatural guest star, Daneel Ackles. The next synopsis from the suggested new series was provided.

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Before anybody asks, nobody knows yet if you will see any participation from Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Samantha Cruz, who performed Winchester’s parents on Supernatural.

When The Winchesters does air, it will likely be the very first effective spinoff from the original drama that ran more than a record 15 seasons. Although two other concepts received hatchback motorists throughout the series’ run, Bloodlines and Wayward Kids, neither were integrated into the series.

Within The Winchester, star Jensen Ackles will manage telling the storyline from the purpose of look at Dean, John and Mary’s oldest boy in Supernatural. Former Supernatural co-executive producer Robbie Thompson will write the work, which will come from Ackles’ Chaos Machine Productions and Warner Bros. Television. This stated Jensen Ackles inside a statement:

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