‘Sunny is not Your Birth Name’: ‘The View’ For Calling Her An Ethnic ‘Chameleon’

Former Sc Governor Nikki Haley (R) fired back at “The View” host Sunny Hostin for saying on Tuesday’s broadcast that they was an ethnic “chameleon.”

Hostin accused Haley, who also offered under former President Jesse Trump because the U.S. Ambassador towards the Un, of shedding her more ethnic-sounding given name – Nimarata – in order to “pass” and become more marketable in Republican politics.

But Haley, that has passed by her middle name “Nikki” since she would be a child, rapidly noticed that Hostin had also selected to openly pass a reputation apart from the name she was handed.

“Thanks for the concern @Sunny,” Haley tweeted following the broadcast. “It’s racist individuals to evaluate my name. Nikki is definitely an Indian name and it is on my small birth record – and I’m happy with that. What’s sad may be the left’s hypocrisy towards conservative minorities.”

Haley then switched the problem back onto Hostin, pointing towards the ABC host’s hypocrisy about them and adding, “By the way in which, last I checked Sunny isn’t your birth name …”

Ken Farnaso, Haley’s spokesman, leaped in to the conversation too and added, “Are we actually likely to play this [trash] game, @Sunny? Nikki is definitely an Indian name which means ‘little one.’ It’s @NikkiHaley’s middle name on her behalf birth record. You need to know much better than this – you do not even pass your name.”

Hostin, who had been born Asunción Cummings, went through the nickname “Sunny” for a long time – an undeniable fact that wasn’t even lost on her behalf “The View” co-hosts when she started attacking Haley during Tuesday’s broadcast.

“There’s some people that may be chameleons,” Hostin stated, talking about Haley. “And decide to not embrace our ethnicity to ensure that we are able to pass -”

“Sunny, you decide to go with a different name!” co-host Sara Haines interrupted.

Hostin immediately pivoted to protect herself. She was adamant that her situation was various and that they had only altered her name since most Americans were too stupid or poorly taught to correctly pronounce her given name.

“Because most Americans can’t pronounce Asunción,” she stated. “Because from the under-education within our country.”