Simon Leviev Where Is He From {Feb} Explore Background!

Within this publish, we’ve discussed the conman Simon Leviev, his existence, and Simon Leviev Where’s He From.

Have you ever viewed the brand new Netflix film, the Tinder Swindler? Do you want to learn more concerning the original Tinder Swindler, Simon Leviev, who inspired the show? If so, tune in to the publish.

Since the Netflix film Tinder Swindler continues to be released, the person who in[pired the show, Simon Leviev, has become more and more famous Worldwide. People need to know much more about the conman. So, within this publish, we’ll discuss Simon Leviev, his existence, and Simon Leviev Where’s He From.

Who’s Simon Leviev?

Simon Leviev is really a disadvantage artist from Israel who has been discovered responsible for thievery, deceptiveness, and fraud. As reported by the Occasions of Israel, it had been discovered that he apparently used a Ponzi swindle plan to astound $ten million from victim throughout Europe between 2017 and 2019.

The real story of his criminal conduct rose to fame in 2019, soon after the publication of Tinder Swindler by professional investigative journalists operating for that Norwegian media outlet Verdens Gang, using the connection of Israeli reporter Uri Blau. In 2022 a Netflix documentary seemed to be released on him.

Shimon Hayut Where’s Lucrative

Simon Leviev was sentenced with 15 several weeks jail time but he offered only 5 several weeks because of Covid 19 and it was let out. He and the partner, model Kate Konlin, live in a posh Tel Aviv housing complex. Tel Aviv is definitely an urban city within the Gush Dan area in Israel.

Simon Leviev functions as a industrious business consultant who spends lots of cash on private aircraft and designer goods, something he brags about on his social networking sites. Leviev mentioned that he’s now an authentic businessman, and also the footage Israeli Funnel claiming he’s still a fraudster is deep fake.

Before learning more about Simon Leviev Where’s He From, let’s talk of his disadvantage career.

How did Simon Leviev Start his Disadvantage Career?

Simon abandoned his yeshiva studies and started his career like a disadvantage artist as he was still being in the teen years searching for any existence of luxury & wealth.

He first steered clear of to Cyprus after committing fraud in Israel. Then came back to Israel after only a month. As he learned law enforcement remained as chasing him, Hayut purchased a false passport worth 10,000 NIS and used that to leave to Jordan and also to Europe eventually, where he was caught in 2015 for scamming women in Finland.

Simon Leviev Where’s He From

Simon Leviev, whose real name is Shimon Yehuda Hayut, was created to some Haredi household within the mainly Orthodox capital of scotland- Bnei Brak, region of central Israel, not very not even close to Tel Aviv.

Leviev is doing petty crimes like check fraud as he would be a kid, according to Felicity Morris’ investigations.

He later switched his legal name to Simon Leviev from Shimon Hayut, alleging to become linked to Lev Avnerovich Leviev, an Israeli uniform, also famous because the King of Diamonds.


Simon Leviev is a disadvantage man for a long time. The Netflix filmTinder Swindler goes deep and shows his disadvantage existence. Visit what is the news website for additional.

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