Sesame Software Announces New Data Connector for HubSpot, Empowering Users to Simplify Data Access and Accelerate Insights

Sesame Software, the innovative leader in Enterprise Data Management and creator of Relational Junction, today announced adding a brand new databases connector for HubSpot. With Relational Junction for HubSpot, it is simple to connect HubSpot with cloud applications and relational databases towards the data warehouse of your liking. This connector empowers data teams to enhance data quality, eliminate silos, and uncover new insights to aid data-driven decision-making.

HubSpot is really a leading platform for inbound marketing, sales, and crm. With HubSpot, you will get exhaustive data in your marketing efforts and Relational Junction can help you seize control of this data.

Relational Junction enables Hubspot users the opportunity to connect data with lots of other data sources they are driving insights.

Relational Junction is really a no-code data integration and replication platform in a position to easily connect HubSpot and a multitude of other data sources for your various data destinations. Because of its scalable architecture and automation, it is simple to increase your data without resorting to labor-intensive processes, including manual data entry, data mapping, and maintenance. Consequently, you will find the data you’ll need, continuously updated and on this page, allowing that you should have better customer encounters with increased targeted and informed campaigns.

Connect Your HubSpot Data together with your Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Tool

Relational Junction supports delivery to an array of cloud data storage as well as on-prem data warehouses, enabling you to consolidate all your data right into a single place for archiving, reporting, analytics, and much more.

Within minutes, you are able to connect your Hubspot sales and marketing data along with other data sources. Send your Hubspot data to give your BI, your computer data warehouse, or perhaps your custom analytics stack and find out a complete look at your leads, analytics, sales, and customer support information.

Relational Junctions Key Benefits:

  • Easily access, uncover, and fasten HubSpot data with adjacent enterprise systems – for example databases, ERP and CRM systems, and custom applications
  • Replicate HubSpot data to your data warehouse rapidly with no coding necessary
  • Move data in the fastest possible speed with hyper-threaded high-volume data connectors
  • Keep data fresh with automated data syncs for timely insights and accurate reporting

To understand more about how Relational Junction enables you to definitely seamlessly flow data across HubSpot along with other data sources inside your tech stack, request a demo.

About Sesame Software

Sesame Software programs are the Enterprise Data Management leader, delivering data quickly for enhanced reporting and analytics. Sesame Software’s patented Relational Junction data platform offers superior solutions for data warehousing, integration, backup, and compliance to suit your small business. Rapidly connect with SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications for faster insights.