Russell Simmons Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Russell Simmons’ net worth?

Net Worth: $340 Million
Age: 63
Born: October 4, 1957
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2021

By 2021, Russell Simmons’ internet worth is roughly $340 million.

Russell Simmons is definitely an American record producer and entrepreneur.

He is among the top 25 most influential people of history twenty five years. Simmons has performed a pivotal role in getting hip-hop music towards the forefront. He’s the co-founding father of the record label ‘Def Jam’. He’s been an important estimate the genre of hip-hop music.

Early Existence

Russell Simmons was created in Queens, New You are able to around the fourth of October, 1957. Simmons may be the boy to Daniel Simmons Sr and Evelyn Simmons. His father would be a public school administrator and the mother labored like a park administrator.

Simmons attended the town College of recent You are able to for a while, then he dropped out and continued to advertise local musicians.


Russell Simmons started his career in 1983 as he became a member of hands with Ron Rubin and founded the record label ‘Def Jam’.

The following year, the label released American rapper LL Awesome J‘s hip-hop single ‘I Require a Beat’ and American hip-hop band ‘Beastie Boys’ track ‘Rock Hard’.

Simmons created the feature film ‘Krush Groove’ in 1985 that was directed by Michael Schultz. By 1986, ‘Def Jam’ was finding new talents plus they started to head to the mainstream. They capped the background music charts with releases like ‘Licensed to III’.

In 1999, Simmons began to operate on the majority of projects for his Hurry Communications company. The organization embarked into film production, sportswear, and advertising. 2 yrs later, he created the Cinemax tv series, ‘Def Poetry’ which featured performances by well-known poets.

Russell printed his book entitled ‘Super Wealthy: Helpful tips for Getting It All’ this year. It is a mix of spiritual knowledge and street-smartness.

By 2021, Russell Simmons’ internet worth is believed to become roughly $340 million.


Here are the best popular features of Russell Simmons’ career:

  • Co-founded Def Jam (1983)
  • Krush Groove (Movie, 1985)
  • Launched Clothing Line (1992)
  • Offered Phat Farm (2004)

Favorite Quotes from Russell Simmons
“Find peace within yourself.” – Russell Simmons

“Always focus on your effort, instead of the results of that effort.” – Russell Simmons

“The key ingredient to any kind of happiness or success is to never give less than your best.” – Russell Simmons

“As I get, I give. Giving as you get is critical. It has everything to do with being happy for yourself, and making others happy is the cause of making yourself happy, and it’s the cycle of giving and getting.” – Russell Simmons

“Don’t get caught up in the hype. Always be connected to and content with, what’s happening in your own head.” – Russell Simmons

“Giving, not trading or selling, is the basis of success. The most rewarding thing you can do is just to give the world something good. And ultimately you will be paid so much more for that gift that you had tried to trade it for something else.” – Russell Simmons

“That’s because the truth is, the only things that are going to bring lasting happiness to your life are good health and knowledge of self, which lead to a compassionate relationship with the world.” – Russell Simmons

3 Success Training from Russell Simmons

Now you know about Russell Simmons’ internet worth, and just how he achieved success let’s check out a few of the training we are able to study from him:

1. Always respect your relationships

The task is the fact that, when you’re on the top, you can easily assume that you can do what you would like. You cannot.

Power dynamics can alter as rapidly because the wind. The way you treat others not just reflects in your character but additionally directly affects how to be treated later on.

2. Concentrate on your ethics, and not the cultures

Anything you do, allow it to be in line with the ethics which are personal for you, not in line with the world. If you have a higher standard of ethics, it doesn’t matter what most people are doing, then you will be fine.

At that time, it could have appeared more socially appropriate for Simmons along with other men to deal with people such as this because frankly victims – the folks in the receiving finish of the abuse of power – weren’t believed.

3. Even icons are problematic

While you conduct your existence, concentrate on doing things according to the things that work in your ethics. Concentrate on doing things according to every relationship being lengthy term. Finally, realize that the most idolized entrepreneur is coping with their demons – including yourself.


Russell Simmons was among the first producers in the market to co-found among the finest record labels ‘Def Jam’. Simmons has collaborated with the best artists for example Jay Z and LL Awesome J.

By 2021, Russell Simmons’ internet worth is believed to become roughly $340 million.