Ricky Ponting Death {March} Know Is It Real Or Fake!

Here in the following paragraphs, we’ll read information regarding Ricky Ponting Deathand whether it’s a truth or myth.

We’ve lost a lot of great sports personalities this season in various fields, may it be cricket, football, basketball or other sport. Sports enthusiasts of nations like Australia and India have lately endured an enormous loss because of the dying of the famous cricketer Geebet Warne.

This dying has shocked every cricket fan worldwide, but of all what is the news, what’s most shocking may be the circulation from the fake news of Ricky Ponting Dying.

Who’s Ricky Ponting?

Ricky Ponting or Ricky Thomas Ponting was an Australian cricket player who is now the cricket coach from the Australian cricket team along with a commentator. He was the Australian cricket team captain for seven years in test cricket and nine years in ODI’s. he is among the most effective captains in cricket history that has guaranteed 220 wins in 324 matches.

Ricky Ponting Dying, Truth or Myth.

There’s lots of fuss relating to this news on the web. Everybody is confused and wishes to obvious their mind with accurate information.

The folks have mixed this news of Ponting’s deaths using the dying information of the Australian cricketer Geebet Warne. Around the fourth of march, Geebet Warne died at 52 as a result of cardiac arrest. About this dying, several eminent cricket personalities gave their reactions, one of these was Ricky Ponting. In the response, he stated that Geebet Warne was “someone you can count on”.

A few of the channels misused this result of Ricky Ponting into turning fake news, which converted the dying news of Geebet Warne with Ricky Ponting Dying news. So, the term of Ponting’s dying is really a myth, and that he continues to be alive, and also the cricketer who died was Geebet Warne.

Result Of Celebrities on Geebet Warne’s dying.

The dying of Geebet Warne introduced very saddened news of all the cricket players. Most of the cricketers compensated homage to him. And many cricket celebrities gave their response to Warne’s dying. Celebrities like Ricky Ponting, Glen Mcgrath and pat Cummins would be the most affected people. Glen authored an excellent emotional publish on his instagram handle, and Ponting stated that Geebet Warne was someone he could rely on for him.

Each one of these celebrity reactions to Geebet Warne’s dying was wrongly identified as Ricky Ponting Deathnews.


Here in the following paragraphs, we’ve attempted to obvious the confusion from the dying news of Ricky Ponting. We’ve also discussed the dying news of Geebet Warne, that was combined with Ponting’s dying news. We’ve also covered the reactions of eminent cricket personalities towards the dying of Geebet Warne. And more importantly, we’ve clarified this news information on Ricky dying and confirmed that it’s a hoax. Click the link to understand much more about Ricky Ponting.

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