Promote your business with customized paper bags

Nowadays, paper bags speak of many things, being eco-friendly, ban plastic, and branding of course. Paper bags come in a variety of forms and sizes, and they are suitable for a variety of uses. They can be used to promote your company at a tradeshow, to package the things you offer, or to serve as gift bags for your loyal customers and staff. One of the most preferred ones are the brown kraft paper bags.

Have you realized as a seller, if you can create a wonderful paper bag, people will want to use it again and again, giving you free publicity? 

But how can you make paper bags that are durable, attractive, and speaks of your brand? These paper bag design ideas should get your creative juices flowing:

Printing your logo on your paper bags is simple yet the best solution. When people have their startup, most of them work hard on their logo. Simply because it represents you and what you sell.  If you’re proud of your logo and your customers adore it, customizing brown kraft paper bags and turning it into an effective promotional item can be all you need. You gain free advertising every time customers use your branded paper bags. 

You could hire someone to create a logo for you if you don’t already have one.

For a professional and classy look, have it printed on colorful, white, or kraft paper bags. If you have a clever tagline, it might be included in the design of your paper bag.

Choose a pattern/ finish:

When it comes to paper bag design ideas, the pattern is another key consideration. Paper bags are available in a variety of colors to assist you to showcase your company and your products or services.  Brown kraft paper bags will be ideal for promoting your business if you have read on your business cards and website, for example. Your paper bag can be made to stand out by using fun or elaborate pattern.

You can create one yourself or hire someone to do it for you. It doesn’t have to be relevant to what you’re selling; it might just be decorative. 

Furthermore, paper bags are available in a matte, glossy, or metallic surface, making it simple to obtain the desired visual impression.

Add a Picture/image as a hint of what will be inside of the bag:

You want your paper bags to make carrying the items you sell easily for your customers. But why should your products be hidden by your bags? Of course, clear plastic bags are an alternative, but paper bags are a more environmentally friendly solution. 

If you want your paper bags to advertise what’s inside, you can fix this problem by printing a picture of your product on them.

Choose a pattern that works with the bag’s handles:

What do most paper bags have in common? Handles. So why not come up with a smart design that interacts with your bags’ handles? If you sell shoes, you may design your paper bags in such a way that the handles resemble shoelaces. One of the basic yet the best choice is to go for kraft paper bags with handles

During the holidays, promote your company:

Making a festive design for your paper bags is not only entertaining, but it’s also a terrific method to promote your company. During the holiday season, if you add a lovely, festive Christmas design to your promotional bags, your consumers may wish to reuse them to wrap gifts for their friends and family.

This is free advertising for your company! What can be a better option than building brand loyalty that way? You can also create paper bags with a summer theme or a design that is exclusive to a special event that your company will be a part of.