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Are you a Pretzel follower? You must visit Philly Pretzel Factory once if yes. And you do not choose to head to them not knowing their most current food selection. So in this article, I will tell you the latest Philly Pretzel Factory menu with prices.

But Philly Pretzel Factory list isn’t the only thing I am going to be saying in this post. I am going to also reveal more knowledge about the franchising features, contact information and then the natural breaking down of a things existing to the Philly Pretzel Manufacturer selection. But before that, let’s check out some history about Philly Pretzel Factory.

Philly Pretzel Factory selection involves pretzels. The selection encompasses cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, pretzels and dips. The pretzels are designed along with the very best high quality materials and prepared pure every single day.

Philly Pretzel Manufacturing facility is often a eating venue sequence in the us that is famous for assisting pretzels. It was actually started by Dan DiZio and Len Lehman in 1988. Your first stow for the Philly Pretzel Factory was exposed in Philadelphia.

Considering 1998, the sequence merely has you target, and that is certainly to end up being the most important pretzel offering brands in the us. The sequence is regularly making its have an effect on available to buy because of its tasty and soft pretzels.

Philly Pretzel Production line Menus Selling prices

Philly Pretzel Production line food selection is all about pretzels. You can find lots of pretzels found in completely different sizes and flavors. You might also customize your very own pretzels. Additionally, there are silky dips, party and drinks dish choices on the food list as well.

Some of the most well known materials belonging to the Philly Pretzel Production line are cheesesteak pretzels, pretzel pups, hot pretzel sausage, pepperoni burn pretzel, and sugar-cinnamon pretzels. Philly Pretzel Manufacturing facility usages clean substances to build their pretzels they usually assist their pretzels as high quality as you possibly can.

The Philly Pretzel Manufacturing facility menus pricing is extremely cheap as possible get 10 pretzels approximately $8. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Philly Pretzel Factory with the menu.


Pretzels Price
1 Pretzel $1.00
10 Pretzels $8.00
50 Pretzels $35.00
Family Pack $19.99
Rivet Sm Box $7.00
Family Rivet Bucket $12.00
5 Pretzels $4.00
25 Crowd Pleaser $19.00
100 Pretzels $55.00
Rivet Shaker $3.75
Rivet Lg Box $10.00

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Party – Trays – Combos

Party – Trays / – Combos Price
Party Tray – Small Rivet Tray $30.00
Party Tray – Mini Dogs & Rivets $45.00
Party Tray – Mini Cheesesteaks & Rivets $60.00
Party Tray – All Mini Cheesesteaks $85.00
Party Tray – Mini Cheeseburger & Mini Dog $75.00
Party Tray – Large Rivet Tray $35.00
Party Tray – All Mini Dogs $65.00
Party Tray – Mini Cheesesteak & Mini Dog $85.00
Party Tray – Mini Cheeseburger & Rivets $45.00
Party Tray – All Mini Cheeseburger $75.00

Large – Dips – Bottles

Large – Dips / – Bottles Price
D-Lg Yellow Mustard $2.50
D-Lg Butter Cream $3.00
D-Lg Spicy Mustard $2.50
D-Lg Hot Mustard $2.50
D-Lg Sriracha $3.00
Bottle Spicy Mustard $2.50
Bottle Honey Mustard $2.50
D-Lg Cheddar Cheese $3.00
D-Lg Brownie Batter $3.00
D-Lg Cinnamon $3.00
D-Lg Honey Mustard $3.00
Bottle Yellow Mustard $2.50
Bottle Hot Mustard $2.50


Franchise Fee $35,000
Working Capital Required  $5,000 to $25,000
Total Investment $133,999 to $327,059


Royalty 6% of Gross Sales