Now accepting reader submissions: Creating a gaming community at USA TODAY !

Now accepting reader submissions Creating a gaming community at USA TODAY !

The United States TODAY Tech section looks to promote a discussion and community around gaming, its effect on people of various communities and tips about how to enjoy your preferred games more! We are searching for broad appeal, player insight, new information, tips and methods, first-person encounters having a game, fresh assumes games or gaming culture, or listicles of the favorite/least favorite gaming elements.

We’ll only accept pieces which are posted solely to USA TODAY. We don’t accept material that’s been printed on blogs or any other news sites.

How you can submit

Posts can depend on 750 words. They must be pasted straight into an e-mail and delivered to [email protected] or with the form linked here (or below).

Pieces will include links (URLs, not headlines or footnotes) to assist quotes and factual material – if incorporated within the piece. People featured in posts should be recognized by their real, full names.

Please incorporate a short biography, two sentences for the most part, to operate in the finish of the column. Should you or perhaps a business, trade group or any other institution that you’re connected stands to achieve financially or perhaps in every other way out of your column, you need to disclose that information to all of us at length. Generally, it ought to be incorporated in your body from the piece or perhaps in the author’s biographical information.

We don’t publish open letters, class projects or material that’s been posted to multiple outlets.

Posts are recognized for online publication. Print publication isn’t guaranteed. All posts printed by USA TODAY are for sale to use within print an internet-based through the greater than 260 other newspapers in the united states TODAY Network. They include Bergen County (N.J.), Burlington (Vt.), Cincinnati, Plusieurs Moines, Detroit, El Paso, Indiana, Louisville, Memphis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Phoenix, Reno, Tallahassee and Wilmington (Del.).

Authors may publish their posts elsewhere 48 hrs once they are printed at USA TODAY. By submitting a column to USA TODAY and saying yes to the publication, authors are granting exclusive legal rights towards the piece towards the USA TODAY Network for 48 hrs and non-exclusive legal rights after that.