The 10 Most Expensive VHS Tapes

What are most costly VHS tapes ever offered?

If you are still keeping your old VHS tapes, you very well may maintain for any surprise!

Possess a surf your collection and find out if you have the ones featured below.

For those who have, you may be searching in an extra $900 to $1,800 inside your back pocket.

So, let’s enter into it!

Here’s a summary of the ten most costly VHS tapes.

The Ten Most Costly VHS Tapes

Their email list of VHS tapes and figures pointed out below happen to be compiled from various sources online, for example Metro & Wikipedia.

Fundamental essentials 10 most costly VHS tapes:

10. The Black Decameron

Believed Value: $900

This Italian/French 1972 assortment of tales about five unrelated relationships on photography equipment, was directed by Piero Vivarelli and created by Alfredo Bini.

Viewers beware, it has lots of nude scenes and may be easily classed as softcore.

And, due to its strong focus on nudity, it had been banned within the United kingdom.

However, this helped the show to become cult classic, firmly cementing it one of the most costly videotapes ever.

9. The Flesh Eaters

Believed Value: $950

The Flesh Eaters is really a 1964 American horror/sci-fi thriller directed by Jack Curtis.

The show grew to become known among the first-ever “gore” films, because of its outbursts of violence and brutally graphic scenes.

The result is Jan Letterman, Laura Winters, Grant Murdoch, and Peter Bartell because they encounter an unusual microbe on the remote island that may eat flesh immediately.

Marine biologist, Bartell, attempts to recover because the substance because he can, so he is able to cultivate several monstrous “flesh eaters” that may eat their victims within seconds.

Upon release, The Flesh Eaters was met with mixed reviews from critics and created a popularity because of its nasty effects.

8. Africa Addio

Believed Value: $1,000

Africa Addio, or Farewell Africa as it is also known, is really a 1966 Italian mondo documentary film.

It had been co-directed, co-edited, and co-compiled by Gualtiero Jacopettu and Franco Prosperi.

The bottom line is, sturdy the finish from the colonial era in Africa and it was shot over 3 years.

The show helped to cement the authenticity from the Mondo film genre and it was met having a mixed response upon release.

Still, just try to get hold of one, you may be searching in an extra $1,000 in your money.

7. Lemora, Lady Dracula

Believed Value: $1,100

Lemora, Lady Dracula, also referred to as The Legendary Curse of Lemora, is definitely an American horror film which was released in 1973.

It had been written and directed by Richard Blackburn, and stars Cheryl Cruz, Hy Pyke, and Lesley Gilb.

The storyline follows a youthful girl who visits her father inside a mysterious town, simply to uncover a circle of vampires wanting to make her one that belongs to them.

Once the film was launched, critics considered it as being “anti-catholic” and plastered it with negative reviews.

But, such as the Flesh Eaters, it managed to develop a popularity through the years, which helped increase its value.

6. Don’t Open your window

Believed Value: $1,100

Spanish-Italian sci-fi horror movie, Don’t Open your window, was written and directed by Jorge Grau.

It had been released in 1974 and appeared Cristina Galbó, Ray Lovelock, and Arthur Kennedy.

The result is two protagonists who’re wrongly charged with multiple murders within the British countryside. Zombies would be the real culprits.

The zombies were introduced to existence with a farming tool which was designed to eradicate insects using ultra-sonic radiation, but rather, gave rise towards the undead.

Don’t Open your window was met having a positive response from critics upon release, with praise given for that direction of Jorge Grau.

5. Celestine, Maid at the Service

Believed Value: $1,250

If you are into racy French comedies, then this ought to be up your street.

Following the police raid, a clandestine brothel, prostitute Célestine, escapes towards the countryside.

She uses her talents to seduce two servants in return for employment like a maid in a well-off country house.

Once in, she finds herself having to help take advantage of the home with a previous henchman in the brothel.

The 93-minute lengthy film appeared Lina Romay as Célestine and it was directed by Jesús Franco (as Clifford Brown).

4. Journey In To The Beyond

Believed Value: $1,250

Fancy an outing in to the supernatural?

Well, Journey In To The Beyond is strictly that!

Should you enjoyed The Omen and also the Exorcist, then you’ll be very impressed through the supernatural psychic phenomena this film provides.

It documents all types of occult phenomena, like belief healing and exorcism, and explores the unknown while looking for connections between existence and dying.

The unthinkable turns into a reality, and also the impossible becomes possible!

By having an believed worth of around $1,250, it’s probably the most costly VHS tapes you’ll ever watch if you’re able to locate one, obviously!

3. The Legend of Hillbilly John

Believed Value: $1,250

Whenever a youthful man and the grandfather decide it might be smart to undertake the Demon, you realize it’s likely to be a movie worth watching.

The storyline was inspired by old Appalachian folklore and it was directed by John Newland.

Once the grandfather dies (spoiler alert), the youthful man decides to keep his journey and take lower probably the most sinister creature in the world – Satan!

Seeing how rare it’s, should you choose get hold of one, you may be searching in a valuation of $1,250.

2. The Animal In Heat

Believed Value: $1,500

The Animal In Heat (La Bestia in calore) is really a 1977 Italian exploitation film, written, directed, and edited by Luigi Batzella.

Sturdy a lady SS officer/physician who results in a mutant, half-man, half-animal like creature to torture and molest the prisoners of the female prison.

To guarantee the animal is stored inside a constant condition of arousal, the physician feeds it eating too much mega-aphrodisiacs.

When the animal wasn’t enough for that prisoners to pass through, they’re also exposed to a number of interrogations, electric shocks, and beatings!

Upon release, the show didn’t go lower well with critics, with comments being made about its bad editing, acting, and plot.

Nevertheless, in the current market, it’s viewed among the rarest and many costly VHS tapes in the world.

1. Dr. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks

Believed Value: $1,880

Beating all of them to the top list may be the 1974 Italian horror film, Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks.

The 89-minute horror follows Dr.Frankenstein because he starts a pursuit to develop a giant humanoid creature.

He tries to bring a Neanderthal man to existence after his villagers lynched him.

Regrettably, everything doesn’t go based on plan. The creature, (Goliath), escapes and seeks revenge for his illegal, wreaking damage to the village by which he came.

So, just try to locate one of these simple VHS tapes inside your attic room, dust them back, fix it up, and list it on eBay as rapidly as possible, as it’s apparently worth almost $2,000!


Hopefully you enjoyed our listing of the 15 most costly VHS tapes.

I do not what you think, but there’s something about popping on the VHS tape on the wintery Sunday mid-day, do you not think?

  1. Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks
  2. The Animal In Heat
  3. The Legend of Hillbilly John
  4. Journey In To The Beyond
  5. Celestine
  6. Don’t Open your window
  7. Lemora, Lady Dracula
  8. Africa Addio
  9. The Flesh Eaters
  10. The Black Decameron