Meek Mill Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Meek Mill’s net worth?

Net Worth: $20 Million
Age: 33
Born: May 6, 1987
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2021


By 2021, Meek Mill’s internet worth is believed to become $20 million.

Meek Mill is definitely an American rapper and songwriter from South Philadelphia. His career started like a fight rapper, before he was signed to T.I’s Grand Hustle Records, after which Ron Ross’ Maybach Group.

Mill has frequently made an appearance in news reports for just one of his many feuds along with other rappers, including Drake, The Sport, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent.

Early Existence

Meek Mill was created Robert Rihmeek Johnson, on May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia. Mill and the sister were elevated by their mother, as Meek’s father, regrettably, died as he was just five years old.

The household resided in poverty, and Meek was very shy/quiet growing up. As he would be a teen, he acquired a desire for performing in rap battles. He’d stay awake late simply to scribble lower rhymes in the notebooks.

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Meek Mill was arrested at age 18 for unlawfully aquiring a gun, and it was beaten by police. He was billed with assaulting law enforcement officials, and it was placed on probation.


Meek Mill’s career started in 2003, as he created the rap group ‘The Bloodhoundz’ with three of his buddies. the audience released four mix-tapes, after which Mill began to achieve interest from fellow rappers and music business.

T.I signed Meek Mill to Grand Hustle Records, and gave him the chance to tour with him. However, Meek was shortly arrested after once more for illegal gun possession, in addition to drug possession.

Mill offered seven several weeks imprisonment due to this.

He was signed to Maybach Group this year, and extremely began to determine mainstream success during this period after collaborating with rappers for example Birdman, Weezy, and DJ Khaled.

Throughout his career, Meek Mill has released several studio albums, EP’s, and blend-tapes. A few of which we’ll highlight within the next section below.

Mill was serving a two to four-year sentence imprisonment, because of violating his parole.

The storyline continues to be featured in news reports now because of an ex-cop coming forward, and proclaiming that another officer lied to transmit him to prison. He’s since been released.

By 2021, Meek Mill’s internet worth is believed to become $20 million.

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Here are some of the best highlights of Meek Mill’s career:

  • Flamers (2008)
  • Flamers 2: Hottest In That City (2009)
  • Mr. Philadelphia (2010)
  • Dreamchasers (2011)
  • Dreamchasers 2 (2012)
  • Dreams and Nightmares (2012)
  • Dreams Worth More Than Money (2015)
  • 4/4 (2016)
  • Meekend Music (2017)
  • Wins & Losses (2017)

Favorite Quotes from Meek Mill

“Only the limits of your imaginations can determine how far you go in life.” – Meek Mill

“Work harder than anybody you’ve ever seen. That’s what I believe.” – Meek Mill

“I don’t think I would change really anything about rap. Rap don’t have no limits to it, and I like it like that.” – Meek Mill

“Big dreams turn into big things.” – Meek Mill

“Sometimes I have to remind myself, that on my worst day I live like somebody on their greatest.” – Meek Mill

“I think it’s way harder when you have success, ’cause people tend to not treat you the same or look at you the same because they see the success or the money you make.” – Meek Mill

“I’ve always been rapping before I was making money off of it. Before I made a profit, I had always been rapping.” – Meek Mill

“I stay in my lane but I always try to graduate to the next level, you know what I’m saying. I stay hungry.” – Meek Mill

“Philly gave me my ambition and drive to get more. It’s a reminder to stay on top of my game. That’s not a place I want to go back to.” – Meek Mill

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“Appreciate the little things in life, they’re what really matter the most.” – Meek Mill


Meek Mill is definitely an American rapper and songwriter with many different past feuds.

By 2021, Meek Mill’s internet worth is $20 million.