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BBQ is one of the most favored food preparation tactics on earth. I really like it when food like fish, meat and other foods types are cooked outdoors spanning a blaze. These days, I will explain about a location where you may have the greatest Barbecue food and the label in the spot is Martin’s Bar-b-que.

Martin’s Bar-b-que is actually a junction by using a menus full of bar-b-que food like bbq containers, barbecue snacks, barbecue ribs. Besides this, these people have a food selection for appetizers, smoked wings, desserts and salad. You may have a fantastic dinner here for less than $30.00.

But prior to going there, I provides you with the details covering the newest menus of Martin’s Barbecue, franchise specifics, information, and nutritious information in the goods served in Martin’s Barbecue.

Let us start out with the history first. Martin’s Barbecue is really a fast-food cafe chain that had been came from in Puerto Rico, Usa. At present, their head office are in the states exceeding 27 areas in Puerto Rico.

People love to attend Martin’s BBQ mainly because they have a wide variety of meals that covers everything they wish to consume.

Martin’s Bar-b-que Food selection Prices

Martin’s Bar-b-que menu has numerous types of foods. Nonetheless, folks want to take in six wings, pulled pork shoulder joint with 1 part, 12 wings, drawn pork arm, Nadine’s pecan pie, chicken breast fingers, sliced meat brisket but rather than this stuff they have food that also includes hamburgers and sandwiches, Friday’s particular -the redneck taco.

Their menu even offers delicious bar-b-que trays, salubrious farm-fresh salads and barbecue carrots, barbecue sandwiches, bbq ribs, home trays, smoked wings, and delightful desserts.

Martin’s Bar-b-que has a setting that is certainly relaxed and soothing. The workers of the bistro is helpful and humble. They feel in giving the foods that is constructed from the superb method and yes it is applicable to the ribs, fowl.

Martin’s BBQ menus is stuffed with affordable meals that anyone can buy. You could have a dish for less than $120.00. So, without waiting, let’s move towards Martin’s BBQ Menu.


BBQ Nachos $11.49

Old Favorites

Pimento Cheese Club $8.99

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Family Suppers (FEEDS 2-12)

Family Suppers 1 $25.99
Family Suppers 2 $47.99
Family Suppers 3 $74.99

Family Suppers (FEEDS 4-6)

Pulled Pork Shoulder $35.00
Smoked Sliced Brisket $48.00
Full Rack Smoked Spare Ribs $42.00
Southern Fried Chicken (14 Tenders) $37.00

Pitmaster Combos

Big Poppa Sampler (Spare Ribs) $99.99
Kid Brother Sampler $22.99
Big Brother Sampler (Spare Ribs) $24.99

BBQ Trays

Pulled Pork Tray $13.99
Sliced Beef Brisket Tray $19.99
Sliced Smoked Turkey Tray $15.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (Drak) $14.49
1/2 Chicken Mixed (Mixed) $14.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (Mixed) $14.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (White) $15.49
1/4 Chicken Tray (Drak) $10.49
1/2 Chicken Tray (White) $11.49

BBQ Sandwiches

Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.49
Sliced Beef Brisket Sandwich $9.49
Sliced Smoked Turkey Sandwich $7.49
Bologna Sandwich $6.49

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BBQ Ribs

1.5 LBS Spares $11.99
2 LBS $15.49
4 LBS Spares $26.99

Redneck Tacos

Pulled Pork Redneck Taco $9.29
Sliced Beef Brisket Redneck Taco $11.29
Fried Catfish Redneck Taco $9.29
Sliced Smoked Turkey Redneck Taco $9.29
Pulled Chicken Redneck Taco $9.29

Kitchen Trays

Fried Chicken Tenders $13.79
Fried Catfish Fillets $15.49
Brisket Tacos $13.49
Catfish Tacos $14.29
Pulled Pork Tacos $12.29
Pulled Chicken Tacos $12.29
Smoked Turkey Tacos $12.29

Kitchen Sandwiches

Fried Chicken Sandwich $6.49
Cheeseburger $8.49
Brisket Burger $10.49
Southern “Paddy” Melt $8.49
New! Fried Catfish Sandwich $8.99

Smoked Wings

Six Wings $8.99
Twelve Wings $16.99
Eighteen Wings $25.99

Salads, Potatoes and Soups

Farmer’s Salad $9.49
Country Salad $8.49
BBQ Baked Potato $8.99
Brunswick Stew Bowl $5.99
Brunswick Stew Cup $2.99

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Bulk Meat

1 LB Pulled Pork $14.49
1/2 LB Pulled Pork $8.49
1 LB Sliced Brisket $24.99
1/2 LB Brisket $12.99
1 LB Sliced Smoked Turkey $15.99
1/2 LB Turkey $8.99
Spare Rib Rack $22.99

Bulk Sides – Quarts

Baked Beans $13.49
Broccoli Salad $13.49
Green Salad $13.49
Mac and Cheese $13.49
Potato Salad $13.49
Slaw $13.49

Bulk Side -Pints

Baked Beans $7.99
Broccoli Salad $7.99
Green Salad $7.99
Mac and Cheese $7.99
Potato Salad $7.99
Slaw $7.99


Baked Beans $2.75
Broccoli Salad $2.75
Fresh Cut French Fries $2.75
Hushpuppies $2.75
Mac and Cheese $2.75
Potato Salad $2.75
Slaw $2.75
Cornbread Hoecake $2.75
Green Beans $2.75
Homemade Chips $2.75

LIL’ Rascals

Kids Grilled Cheese $3.79
Kids Chicken Fingers $4.79
Kids BBQ Slider $4.29


Nadine’s Pecan Pie $4.29

Bottled Beverages

RC COLA $2.29
SPRITE $2.49