Looking For A New Favorite Workout Routine? Try Lagree!

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Tired of your current exercise regime and need a new favorite workout? Many often face a dilemma when choosing the best workout routine with thousands of ways to work out. The possibilities are endless, from performing pushups in the comfort of your own home to committing to professional exercise classes. If you’re looking for a ground-breaking way to engage every muscle in your body during every session, try Lagree fitness!

What Is Lagree?

Also called the Megaformer workout, Lagree fitness is a low-impact, high-intensity method that tightens, strengthens, and tones. It involves using the Megaformer machine for a safe, low-impact total body workout that’s effective and easy on your joints. The machine was developed by Sebastian Lagree in 2001 and built on the foundation of conventional Pilates. Its popularity has been skyrocketing worldwide, becoming the ultimate choice for celebrities and athletes.

So, should you choose Lagree, a gym, or Pilates? Discover why Lagree should be the first and last option below.

Why Lagree Should Be Your Favorite Workout Routine

Become Aware of Your Body

Forget about moving your body randomly as with other exercises. Lagree pushes you to perform every movement with mindfulness. It engages your full attention to provide a better sense of your specific movements. Once you’re more aware of your body in your day-to-day life, it’s easy to establish what your body needs for better results.

Leave No Muscle Neglected

Various exercises target different muscle groups. Since you can’t perform all these exercises at once, you may choose to concentrate on particular muscles on specific days a week to give your body a complete workout. Unfortunately, this is only theoretical when reality checks in. You often find yourself going for your “favorites” and neglecting the “hard” ones. Most people concentrate on strength training and leave out cardio and endurance training. On the other hand, Lagree is a versatile and dynamic method that hits every muscle of your body.

 Improve Your Breath Awareness

Lagree stresses lateral costal breathing. It is a type of deep breathing that expands the ribs and contracts the abs. Every Lagree exercise features its unique breathing pattern. Breathing deeply and consciously through the movements can boost your exercise performance tremendously. Usually, you breathe in for four counts while moving into the lunge and exhale while taking four counts to rise. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which boosts relaxation and reduces cortisol levels.

Enhance Control and Precision

Control and precision are integral elements of every exercise. It starts by knowing where you are now, the end goal, and how to get there efficiently and successfully. This helps you not overdo the exercises or use excess energy but figure out the most efficient way to perform them.

Burn More Calories

In most cases, people choose to hit the gym or partake in exercise routines to lose weight. If you’re one of them, you will also be eyeing a workout that boasts efficacy in burning calories. The good news is that Lagree is a perfect solution for achieving the best calorie loss ratio. It engages different muscles simultaneously, making them coordinate energy to allow for movement. As you burn more energy, you also shed more calories.

 Smaller Time Commitment

Time is of great value, especially when you are determined to achieve fitness. This is especially true for those with 9-to-5 jobs or something close. Your to-do list keeps you busy, each item requiring your attention. It’s not surprising that many abandon their routines, claiming they were eating into their precious time. When you opt for exercises that only focus on specific muscle groups, you need more time to give your whole-body equal treatment. This may require consistency and longer and more sessions per week. Lagree only needs one or two weekly classes to boost your fitness, which is ideal for most schedules.

Be More Consistent

Isolation-based workouts are excellent for anyone who can practice unwavering commitment in the long term. It’s easy to get caught up with life and miss gym days and, sometimes, the exercises that don’t necessarily meet your specific reasons for working out. So, can you strictly adhere to your workout schedule without letting disruptions get in the way? If you have doubts, you are not alone: committing to anything in life requires self-control. Lagree promotes an easy-going schedule by working on your whole body in each session. It minimizes the likeliness of creating gaps in your fitness plan to boost optimum results.

Easier Recovery

In isolation-based workouts, you choose one muscle group based on your goals and focus on it with all your energy for rapid growth. If that’s all you want from your exercise regime, that’s great. However, when you work a specific muscle group to depletion, you can expect significant amounts of pain in that area for the following days. While you can persevere through the pain, it can demotivate you from keeping up with your workout. With Lagree, the pain and discomfort are spread throughout the body, making the experience much better and bearable.

Improve Your Mood

Life can throw challenging situations, sometimes leading to symptoms of anxiety and depression. While it’s not a substitute for medication, Lagree comes in handy as a mood booster and a stress reliever. It engages various body parts, stimulating endorphin production in the brain. As a result, it provokes the feeling of euphoria and well-being. The deep breathing and steady movement incorporated into the fitness fosters relaxation.


Lagree fitness facilitates the best training for anyone who wants to accomplish all-rounded fitness, regardless of your body or exercise goals. It is excellent for cardio, strength training, and muscle endurance. It is also widely accepted and efficient for people of all ages, body types, and exercise levels for its unique ability to engage every muscle group. Get started with Lagree and sign up for your first Lagree Fit 415 class today!