Liposuction for belly fat

You aren’t forcibly encouraged to feel perfect in “Big Belly”. Either poor diet or perhaps no workouts have left you bulging tummy doesn’t mean you are going to live the rest of life with it. Liposuctions are there to provide you next-level body shape. You can have this surgery for any of your bulging body parts, but here our target is on Liposuction for Belly Fat!

The reason why liposuction is the choice of millions of people around the globe is RESULTS. Liposuction delivers what it promises. The outcomes you get from this surgery are realistic hardly predictable to anyone that you received any cosmetic surgery.

Well, if a big belly is frustrating you, and you are considering Liposuction Surgery in Dubaifor it, this article is for you. Go ahead to find liposuction details and how it slims your bulging abdomen fat.


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgerythat removes belly fat within an hour. During surgery, experts make a small incision to suck out the belly fat beneath the skin. Aside from the tummy, you can consider this surgery for other parts such as the abdomen, flanks, hips, and thighs.

Liposuction is 100% safe eliminates up to 80% of excess mid-section fat. 

Fast Facts

  • Cost: $3000 to $8000
  • Risk: None
  • Results: 1-3 months after surgery
  • Downtime: 4-6 weeks

Before Liposuction

Even though liposuction has become a routine manageable procedure, still claims some preparation to bounce back quick and effective results. There must be a stop to all unhealthy activities. At least four weeks before surgery escape alcohols, blood-thinning medications like aspirin. Moreover, garlic and red wine must be avoided.

Rest, follow the instructions given by your doctor.

Liposuction Procedure for Belly fat

The procedure of Liposuction is similar for the belly and other body parts. The entire surgery is done under anesthesia either local or general. Patients who don’t want to be awake during surgery are given general anesthesia. However for tummy, local one is more preferred by experts but it all depends upon the patient’s comfortability level.

The surgery begins with giving anesthesia and cleaning the bulging tummy. Then, a very small incision is made at the directed area, which enables the surgeon to insert the cannula. Specialists then dislodge the belly fat and suck it through a vacuum pump. For less invasiveness, some doctors prefer advanced lasers, RF, or ultrasound.

Once the fat is sucked out, the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures and bandaged. Draining tubes are attached to suck the fat and prevent fluid leakage. This allows to sculpt the belly area more uniformly and minimizes the chances of divots and edema.

Overall surgery time is around 2 hours. You can go home on the same day however recovery time is only a few days. And final results take around 3-4 months to appear. 

Restricted Activities after Liposuction

On true facts, surgeons explain that the first week of liposuction involves extremely limited movement and requires wearing compression garments to care for the treated area. In the second week, there can be still soreness but not as severe as the first week. Patients can walk slowly and sit comfortably at directed positions advised by specialists.

However, after two weeks patients hardly remind they had any cosmetic surgery in Dubai. Things get back to normal and so your health. The treated part may be a bit swollen which usually fades off within 4-6 weeks as one’s reaches full recovery.

It takes time to see results

After receiving liposuction, you won’t see the slimmer tummy next second. Results take time and you need to show patience. Fat reduction is possible after one session but swelling becomes a barrier in appreciating results. After only three months, you would notice a curvy body shape.

Point to ponder

If the idea of going under the knife freaks you out, or whether you are afraid, don’t ever consider yourself as a good candidate. To become mentally prepared is optimal. Besides, it’s helpful to seek liposuction alternatives that may come pretty close to your desires and therefore expected results.

Prices depend upon Effort

Since every person has different patterns of fat distribution, prices vary. The effort your surgeon put into your tummy transformation may affect the charges. In general, you are expected to pay around $5000 or perhaps more. By the end of the first consultation, you will be given an expected estimate that could surely yield a final assumption.

Fear of Fat coming back after Liposuction

Distrusting the results is usual. According to the current study, it’s proven that liposuction builds up fat again if you don’t maintain physical activities. This surgery is only beneficial if you introduce some usual changes in your daily routine. Simply eat less and walk more.

Say Good-Bye to Belly Fat

Since belly fat is rigid. Diets, workouts, and even injectables fail here. Physical activities can prevent the fat from forming but don’t intend to do anything with the current fat. Removing it by Liposuction surgery proves important decisions here for long-term fat reduction. Since this surgery isn’t most closely connected to severe risks you can have it without any second thought. Just one consultation from the doctor, approval as a good candidate, and surely you are ready to roll on.

I hope this post helped you in finding details on “Liposuction for Belly Fat” Still if any misconceptions exist, consult the nearest well-reputed clinic.