Legacies: The Most Shocking Moments That Preceded Chris Wood as Kai Parker

Enthusiasts from the Vampire Diaries saga and it is derivatives The Originals and Legacies enjoyed memorable scenes where the heroes frequently needed to emerge unparalleled challenges against probably the most effective villains ever introduced within the vampire world. witches and werewolves. But there’s one out of particular that made a big effect: Kai Parker performed by actor Chris Wood.

All of the fans from the Vampire Diaries agree that the existence of Kai Parker within the series found save her in season 6 in the audience slump she endured using the departure from the people from the feared Mikaelson clan. The participation of the character as callous as Kai who not care what others think, switched right into a rare specimen of the hybrid between witch and vampire, left its mark around the public.

In Legacies the existence of Kai Parker (Chris Wood) is felt because of the past he resided through, although if viewers haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries it might only mean simply Alaric (Matt Davis), Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) have pointed out during the period of the very first two seasons, the horrible and traumatic scenes that they reached star in are remember this.

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Kai Parker would be a magician twin brother of Jo (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) as well as of twins Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu), although he was created without forces he’d the opportunity to temporarily bring them from others.

Connoisseurs from the Vampire Diaries, The Initial, and Legacies saga are very well conscious that the Gemini coven requires twins born to the people to merge on their own 22nd birthday to elect their leaders. When Kai discovered the Gemini Merge ritual and all sorts of that his coven tried to try and keep your power from his hands, he lost what little control he’d and launched into a killing spree.

Kai was prepared to kill their own twin siblings, Liv and Luke, simply because they were born using the aim of merging, to bypass the chance he and Jo might have as potential leaders.

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As he commits the murder of his siblings, aside from Luke, Liv and Jo, Kai winds up held in a prison world where every single day he needs to survive May 10, 1994, that is exactly where Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie arrive. (Kat Graham) within the sixth season from the Vampire Diaries.

Kai because the effective because he seems to fool Damon and Bonnie, getting away towards the real life and being loose in Mistic Falls tormenting everybody. They know that he needs to merge with Jo to become true magician, although that will bring dying towards the weakest of these.

Kai, upon merging him and Jo, found that if he dies, same goes with his entire coven. This grew to become especially tempting for him who hates them a lot, particularly when he learns how siphon-sorcerers like him turns into vampires, but nonetheless retain remarkable ability to complete magic, his or her growing old is dependant on magic, plus they can tap into that well every time they want.

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