Leading Music Promoter Mike Leffingwell Discusses The Result from the Recession on Music Concerts

Top Nashville-based music promoter, Mike Leffingwell, states the problem of the profession following a recession amongst the cancellation of music festival occasions around the world

Mike Leffingwell presently ranks among the leading and many searched for-after music promoters within the land. Therefore, it just is sensible to pay attention as he discusses the background music business, because he lately expressed his opinion about how the current recession has hit the concert world and music festival occasions. Mike made the statement throughout a meeting in Nashville with a few of the top artist management companies over the past weekend.

“Promoters would be the Gamblers in the industry and we’re being compensated back what it really cost to use them,” Mike stated while addressing the Nashville Music World because he referred to folks in suits in the industry. “There are areas you don’t want to consider artists or perhaps a music festival and also the one I understand which has the worst figures may be the Lake from the Ozarks. Everybody thinks that’s a location with cash except it’s lots of Smoke & Mirrors and contains 5 Several weeks of some lake here we are at Boaters and that’s it.”

Describing themself like a figures guy not filled with hopes and dreams, Mike mentioned the government hasn’t particularly produced a great atmosphere for that entertainment business, no because of high gas prices and inflation. Based on him, the problem has worsened the expertise of people after Covid and being limited for their houses, which makes it difficult to allow them to get out there and socialize.

“Change your routines and Take entertainment to locations that be thankful rather than just do a couple of occasions each year start booking 20 or even more therefore if one will get canceled it’s No problem roll using the punches,” Mike Leffingwell stated because he gave the best way forward of the season with other promoters.

After giving an attractive speech before about 70 visitors that incorporated top music artist management in the industry, among the attendees mentioned, “I never question Mike while he informs the reality even if you shouldn’t listen to it he’s no filter however i trust him.”

The kind of The Beautiful Reckless, Chris Stapleton, Ringo Starr, Moving Gemstones, Doobie Siblings, The Strokes, and a number of others have experienced to cancel their tours. Music festivals for example Day N Vegas, Viva! L.A. Music Fest, Voodoo Fest, and Glastonbury festival have either been canceled or postponed.

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