Larry David Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Larry David’s net worth?

Net Worth: $400 Million
Age: 73
Born: July 2, 1947
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Comedian/Actor
Last Updated: 2021

By 2021, Ray David’s internet worth is believed to become $400 million, making them among the world’s wealthiest comedians and actors.

Lawrence “Larry” Gene David is definitely an American actor, comedian, director, and producer from Brooklyn. David is mainly referred to as co-creator from the tv series ‘Seinfeld.’

He was the mind author and executive producer from 1989 to 1997. He’d also acquired huge recognition as he produced the Cinemax series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’

Early Existence

Lawrence “Larry” Gene David was created in Brooklyn, New You are able to, around the second of This summer, 1947. David’s parents are Rose and Mortimer Julius “Morty” David. His household is Jewish, and the father’s side moved from Germany to America throughout the 1800s.

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Ray David attended the College of Maryland, College Park, where he would be a brother in Tau Epsilon Phi. He later received a bachelor’s degree ever. After college, David enlisted within the U . s . States Army Reserve.


Ray David started his career by attending acting classes in Manhattan. David labored like a stand-up comedian and did various jobs to cover his bills. He labored being an assistant to some lawyer along with a salesperson for a while along with a cab driver.

David’s debut performance what food was in Folk City in Greenwich Village in 1974. He started being employed as a scriptwriter and actor of ‘Fridays.’

In 1983, David was observed in small roles in films for example ‘Second Thoughts’ and ‘Can She Bake a Cherry Cake?’. Following the small roles within the films, he started being employed as a author for NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live.’

After departing ‘Saturday Night Live,’ David started performing again like a stand-up comedian. Exactly the same year also, he authored one episode for any television film entitled ‘Norman’s Corner.’

In 1989, together with actor and producer Jerry Seinfeld, he produced a chapter of ‘Seinfeld’ that received huge success. It was David’s breakthrough in the career.

In 1998, David authored and directed ‘Sour Grapes. The year after, he became a member of the television-Show ‘Seinfeld’ team, where he started being employed as a professional producer because of its final two seasons. He seemed to be part of ‘The Marriage Ref,’ a tv reality program by NBC.

In 2000, David produced and appeared in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ a TV comedy show which aired from 2000-2011.

By 2021, Ray David’s internet worth is believed to become $400 million, making them among the world’s wealthiest comedians and producers.


Here are some of the best highlights of Larry David’s career:

  • Seinfeld (Sitcom, 1989-1998)
  • Radio Days (Movie, 1987)
  • Primetime Emmy Award (Outstanding Comedy Series, 1993) – Won
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV-Show, 2000)
  • “The Comedian’s Comedian” (2004)
  • TripTank (TV-Show, 2014)
  • Fish In the Dark (Theatre, 2015)
  • Maya & Marty (TV-Show, 2016)

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Favorite Quotes from Larry David

“When I was living in New York and didn’t have a penny to my name, I would walk around the streets, and occasionally I would see an alcove or something. And I’d think, that’ll be good, that’ll be a good spot for me when I’m homeless. ” – Larry David

“She was breaking the rules! She wasn’t following the rules of society … The unwritten rules that we have as we go about our day. Like at night, you tiptoe, that’s an unwritten rule, you tiptoe, so you don’t wake people up, there’s no sign ‘TIPTOE,’ you just have to be smart enough and considerate enough to do it.” – Larry David

“Shouldn’t be having a birthday party two weeks after your birthday … Okay, three days, no more than that though, it’s not your birthday anymore! There’s gotta be a time; there’s gotta be a cutoff point where you can’t have birthday parties. You’re so desperate for a party that you have to have a party two weeks after? Wait till next year; you missed it!” – Larry David

“You can’t do anything in life. The social barriers in life are so intense and horrific that every encounter is just fraught with so many problems and dread. Every social situation is a potential nightmare.” – Larry David

“The temperature in that hangar would sometimes get down to 40 degrees, and very often I had to put on long underwear, which was so restrictive I suffered from an acute vascular disorder for days afterward.” – Larry David


Along with Jerry Seinfeld, he was the manager producer and also the co-creator from the effective sitcom ‘Seinfeld,’ which aired from 1989 to 1998. Within the last 2 decades, ‘Seinfeld’ has produced over $3 billion.

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By 2021, Ray David’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $400 million, making them among the world’s wealthiest producers, actors, and comedians.