Kheerganga Travel Guide 2021

Kheerganga journey is one of the names that consistently come up when you talk about traveling in India as a novice. It is the most suggested one among every one of the journeys in Parvati valley and takes you through some astonishing landscape. It needs neither an excessive amount of time nor any earlier traveling experience which makes it ideal for any amateur adventurer or an explorer.

About Kheerganga

Kheerganga is fundamentally a knoll, roosted at an elevation of 2960 meters (9711 ft). It is in the space that is important for the bigger Great Himalayan National Park. There are two things that make it so popular. First is its delightful setting at the highest point of a mountain. However, more than that, it is known for its heated water spring which is additionally where it gets its name from.

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At first, Kheerganga was really a refueling break while heading to Pin Parvati Pass journey. As the travel industry in Parvati Valley developed, it ultimately transformed into a short journeying objective in itself. The simple availability, brief span, moderate ascension, normal magnificence, and the general flower child culture in Parvati Valley is the thing that added to the notoriety of Kheerganga Trek.

Step by step instructions to arrive at Kheerganga Trek

To arrive at Kheerganga, you will initially need to arrive at Kasol by either your own vehicle or public vehicle. From Kasol, you will then, at that point, drive to Barshaini and begin your journey from that point.

The simple openness and all year availability of the district is one of the components that draws in adventurers and hikers to Kasol Kheerganga. Kasol is quite possibly the most well known traveler objections of Himachal and arriving won’t be an issue by any means. It stays associated by street for each of the year and public vehicles are accessible on customary premises.

Convenience at Kheerganga

Setting up camp is the only decision of convenience accessible at Kheerganga. You should convey your own setting up camp stuff however and can set up your own shelter at an appropriate spot in the glade.

Prior there were a ton of chadar tents and dhabas that were giving convenience yet were taken out by the public authority in 2018 in light of the littering issue. A few local people even set up bricked and established designs at Kheerganga, envisioning that. These were all later arranged to be taken out to safeguard the nature of the spot.

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In any case, as it generally occurs with most places, not all constructions were totally eliminated. In the event that you find such dhabas still there at the hour of your appearance, you can remain with them. Or, in all likelihood you should set up your own shelter.

In case you were in no mind-set to camp all alone and couldn’t discover any type of convenience, you should travel down to Rudranag sanctuary and can remain there.

There is likewise a spot called Ashram at Kheerganga, kept up with by the Sadhus and Pandits.

Folklore of Kheerganga

According to the legend, the spot is named in light of the fact that Goddess Parvati once cooked ‘kheer’ for her child Kartikeya in the hot water spring here. It is said that Kartikeya lived at this spot and pondered here for quite a long time. Master Shiva and Goddess Parvati would spend much of the time and once, out of affection for her child, she chose to cook him a bowl of Kheer (rice pudding). She utilized the heated water of the spring and this is the reason it is accepted to be milkish white in shading.

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Another legend expresses that Shiv and Parvati once requested that Ganesha and Kartikeya travel all throughout the planet. Master Ganesha demanded that his folks were his whole world and strolled around Shiva and Parvati all around. Kartikeya then again left upon an excursion around the whole world. At the point when he returned after some time, he discovered Lord Ganesha partaking in the advantages of being the supported child.

This chafed Kartikeya and he felt cheated. Bitterly, he moved to Kheerganga and began living here. Goddess Parvati came here to pacify her steamed child and cooked kheer for him.

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A third legend expresses that the kheer showed up all alone and all of a sudden. That is the means by which it was named as ‘Kheer ki Ganga’. Ruler Shiva and Goddess Parvati understood that in Kalyug, it will end up being the wellspring of battling among. Henceforth they requested that Lord Parshuram eliminate the kheer out of the water. After Lord Parshuram was done, just hot bubbling water remained and kheer was gone.